Growing a business has changed. Forever.

Growth requires both financial and human capital. But, how you access those resources will never be the same.

We live in a post-pandemic world

and there’s no such thing as going “back to normal”

Access to Capital

Inflation, volatility, and monetary policy have reduced bank’s risk tolerance

Staying Compliant

Explosion of new Federal, State, and Local HR laws is impossible to keep up with

Managing Talent

Labor shortage is making it harder and more expensive to manage workforce


A majority of owners rely on personal savings (71%) and credit cards (67%) as the top sources for funding their small businesses.

– US Chamber of Commerce

Explosion of New HR Laws

Layering on conflicting Federal, State, local laws

Leave Laws

11+ states have paid FMLA with 2x that many introduced legislation; 15+ states & locals paid sick leave

Pay Transparency

Colorado, New York City, Jersey City, New York, California, and Washington (~22% of US workforce)

Salary History Bans

~26 states have prohibited employers requesting salary history from job applicants

Fair Chance Laws

37 states and 150+ cities have adopted fair chance hiring laws

Marijuana Laws

22+ states legalized recreational use; Many allow “lawful off duty conduct”

Time Spent on Compliance1

“Compared to six months ago, has the time or resources you spend completing licensing, compliance or other government requirements increased?”


Compliance Isn’t Optional.

Fines and penalties add up quick and can cripple
a small business.

Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects (2022)

The Growth Dilemma

The cost of compliance and labor continue to rise. Finding the talent and capital to cross the chasm is the business owner’s biggest challenge.

Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects (2022)

When it comes to growth, people and cash are scarce. Put all your people and money into growth and leave the admin burden to us.

– Pat Goepel, Chairman and CEO at Asure

Asure Helps Businesses Grow

Suite of Human Capital Management Solutions

Access to Capital


  • Tax Credit Advice
  • Small Business Loans

Tax Credits

  • Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)
  • Secure Act 2.0 tax credits

    Staying Compliant

    HR Compliance Services

    • On-demand HR Support & Posters
    • Strategic HR for Managers
    • Total HR Outsourcing

    Retirement Services

    • 401K plans

    Benefit Services

    • Pay-as-you-go Workers Comp
    • COBRA administration
    • HSA/HRA/FSA administration
    • Parking & Transit plan administration
    • ACA reporting

    Entity Registration & Licenses

    ACA Reporting

      Why Asure? Money Talks

      Asure has helped thousands of small businesses access more than $1 billion in tax credits

      Why Asure? Better Support

      Client Survey: Importance When Choosing Asure

      Why Asure? HCM that Delivers Impact

      Client Survey: Importance When Choosing Asure

      Why Asure?

      Public company Strength. Small Business Attitude.

      We’re big enough to have the financial strength, R&D, and infrastructure to give you peace of mind. And because most of our customers are also small and mid-sized businesses, we feel your passion and sweat the details because we’re an extension of your team.

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      Helping companies everywhere to grow

      With headquarters in Austin, TX and offices throughout the US, we provide HCM software and services in every state and territory. You get big company strength with the feel of local support.

      Our Mission

      • Help customers grow by getting the most from human capital
      • Help our employees grow personally and professionally
      • Grow relationships in our communities that inspire goodness
      • Do all of these things in a way that grows shareholder value

      Our Vision

      Be the most trusted Human Capital Management resource to entrepreneurs everywhere

      Our Values

      • Embrace Change
      • Lead with Integrity
      • Own the Outcome
      • Deliver Awesome
      • Be a Good Human

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