Income & Employment Verification

Efficient and private income and employment verification provided to Asure customers through partnership with The Work Number® from Equifax.




Income and Employment Verification Made Easy

Asure is pleased to offer an exciting new no-cost feature for our Payroll customers: The Work Number®. Delivered through Asure’s integration with Equifax, this timely, efficient and private employment verification service provides many benefits to business owners and employees.

Why automated income and employment verification?

Keep life moving for you and your employees

From car loans, to home mortgages to government assistance, your employees routinely encounter the need for income and employment verification. Now, we can automate those income and employment verifications with The Work Number. Automation helps your employees get faster decisions 24/7 for credit and benefits, while lessening your workload—at no cost to you.

The Work Number® Service Can Help Your Employees:

Lesson your workload and provide an important employee benefit.

No-cost Service for Asure Customers

No action is required to offer this benefit
to your employees.

Simplify Your HR Workload

Eliminate manual tasks or after-hours calls to verify income and employment

Keep Employee Data Private

Verifiers are vetted and must meet strict standards to access data

How Does It Work?

Equifax provides automated income and employment verifications through its integration with Asure providing a more private transfer of information to verifiers on your behalf. The service is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and only accessed by credentialed verifiers with auditable, permissible purpose.

The Work Number service is activated automatically as a complimentary addition to your existing Asure payroll service. If you don’t wish to participate at this time, complete the form on this page.

The Work Number ® is a registered trademark of Equifax Workforce Solutions LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Equifax Inc. Copyright © 2022 Equifax Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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