HR Compliance Services

For a fraction the cost of in-house HR staff, our certified HR experts help you stay compliant, avoid costly fines and litigation, and develop the talent you need to grow your business.

We focus on HR so you don’t have to.

HR laws have changed dramatically in recent years with a barrage of new and ever-evolving federal, state and local legislations that impact businesses of all sizes. It’s imperative to have well-defined policies and procedures to protect your business and your employees. Now, you can tap into HR expertise that’s both comprehensive and affordable.

Choose from three HR subscription service levels to meet your needs and budget and get access to affordable resources that empower you to:

Maintain Compliance

With ever-changing regulations, managing HR is increasingly complex. And the consequences for noncompliance can be significant.

Avoid Suprises

When it comes to HR, you don’t know what you don’t know. Many HR Services customers are surprised to learn about regulations or policy requirements that impact their business.

Recruit & Retain

Maintaining up-to-date HR policies and documentation can protect your organization, but it can also enable you to communicate effectively with prospective and current employees.


More than $3.6B was filed in workplace lawsuits in 2021

Asure’s HR Compliance services are available in three levels to suit your needs and budget.

Fast-Growth Companies Prioritize HR.

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Certified Experts

Asure assigns a dedicated Account Manager and Project Management team to help you develop best practices and processes, provide guidance on complex HR topics, and communicate ongoing critical compliance information. Your remote HR department can advise on matters both strategic (like how to implement a performance program or disciplinary action program) and tactical (creating and/or revising policies, practices, and procedures). Team members are certified by either the Society for Human Resource Management or by the HR Certification Institute and possess an incredible breadth of knowledge, whereas hiring an HR Manager may mean hiring someone who is only an expert in one or two areas.

Phone & Email Support

There are so many laws and layers to HR. It’s inevitable that you’ll have questions about how to proceed through a variety of situations. Whether you’re polishing a job description, navigating a delicate situation, or simply wondering how your state’s new legislation impacts your business, you can get the answers you need through the Phone & Email chat that’s included in your HR Service

HR Online Library

Your HR subscription includes access to a robust digital library, a one-stop resource for time-saving interactive tools, templates, and information. Delivered via a web portal, the HR Library is regularly updated as new federal and state laws, regulation, and guidance changes. Useful tools include employee handbook template, sample job descriptions, and a performance review builder. The online resource also features a learning management system that includes anti-harassment e-training links.

Handbook Review

A handbook allows employers to inform employees about workplace rules and benefits in an efficient, uniform way. Our experts will do a comprehensive annual review of your handbook, ensuring policies are up to date so your employees will know what is expected of them, and what they can expect from their employer. When an employee situation imposes a challenge, it’s best when an employer/manager can refer to a policy for guidance in making consistent and compliant decisions (especially if decisions are ever legally challenged).

Support the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Leverage the Asure team for every aspect of the HR function – from hiring to retiring. We’ll complete essential projects like developing employee handbooks, salary benchmarks, job descriptions, or any other critical HR deliverable.

  • Employee Relations
  • Policy & Procedure
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Exit Interviews
  • Handbooks
  • Leave of Absence Letter
  • Corrective Action Reviews
  • Entrance Interviews
  • Termination Letters
  • Salary Benchmarks
  • Performance Management
  • Group Benefits Issues
  • Remote Training & Development
  • HR Compliance Updates
  • Investigations
  • Job Descriptions
  • New Employee Orientations
  • Compensation Administration

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