Payroll & HR Plans

Choose the payroll and HR package of products and services that best
fits your budget, needs, and growth goals.

Tax Credits

Employer-based tax credits


Full-service payroll

Payroll Tax Filing

Direct Deposit

Earned Wage Access

General Ledger Report

Garnishment Payments

Human Resources

Electronic Employment Verification

Compliance Labor Poster

Virtual Compliance Labor Poster (Electronic)

HR Online Library

Handbook Builder

HR Hotline (phone & email)

HR Compliance updates

Federal and state HR forms

Salary benchmarking

HR Assessment

HR Training videos

Employee Self-Service

Electronic Onboarding

Document storage, routing, and e-acknowledgment

Documents eSignature

Applicant Tracking

Benefits Tracking

Performance Management

Custom Handbook (English or Spanish)

HR Advisor Desk

Learning Management System

Background checks


Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP)


FSA or HSA (Requires enrollment)

Additional Products and Services

Asure 401k

HR Compliance Level 1

HR Compliance Level 2

HR Compliance Level 3

Time & Attendance

Starter Simple Payroll for firms less than 5 employees

Compliance Payroll & HR to stay compliant

StrategicPayroll & HR to win the war for talent

PerformancePayroll & HR for growth-mode

First 5 Incl

Custom Handbook
HR Advisor Desk

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