Time Tracking

Enterprise-class time tracking capabilities built for the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Easily manage time collection, accruals, and employee schedules while staying compliant with FLSA and overtime laws.

Easy, Accurate Time Tracking

Streamline your time-and-attendance process with technology built for your business. Asure’s Time & Attendance software makes time collection, accruals and scheduling easy with modern tools that are both convenient and compliant.

FLSA & Overtime Compliance

Consistent enforcement of pay policies and application of pay rules

Manage by Exception

Stop reading every timecard and only deal with the exceptions

Time-Off Management

Time off requests and approvals streamlined to keep managers working

Error-free Processing

Automated pay rule calculation for fast, accurate payroll processing

Time Collection Flexibility

Time tracking that fits your needs: Mobile, PC, badge-reader, and bio-metric

Increase efficiency and visibility with time tracking built for SMBs


Did you know that nearly 20% of the workforce participates in buddy punching in an average company costing U.S. employers an estimated $375 million each year? Time tracking systems save organizations huge amounts of time and by getting rid of errors, automating processes, and eliminating fraud.

Supervisor Dashboard

  • Create and edits schedules with ease
  • Manage late arrivals, missed punches and other exceptions
  • Get fast access to time card approvals and leave request actions
  • Keep data private with role-based access

Employee Experience

Easy to use self-service solutions keep employees engaged in time and attendance tracking. The web portal makes it easy for employees to view their time cards, request time off, and more. Employees can view their time sheet and their weekly schedule, check accrual balance, review their point balance, see the total time worked in the pay period, and run a time sheet report.

A monthly calendar view provides an at-a-glance view of who has requested off on certain days so employees can check work shift coverage before requesting time off. Employees can electronically request time off. Requests are submitted to the supervisor via email and also appear on the supervisor’s dashboard. Once approved, the time off request appears on the calendar view and the employee’s timesheet, and the employee receives email confirmation when the request has been processed.

Employee Self-Service App

The free mobile app provides all the same functionality as the web portal in a convenient smartphone app. Employees can punch in and out, review their punch history, view their time card, enter leave requests, view their schedule, and check their accrual balance.

The mobile app recognizes where an employee is when punching in and out and will log the employee’s GPS position for supervisors to review. Additionally, supervisors can enable the photo feature, which requires employees to take a photo of themselves at the work site when clocking in and out.

With crew clocking, a supervisor or crew leader can clock multiple employees in at once. If employees do not have access to smartphones, but the supervisor does, this option is a time-saving way to capture all present employees at once.

  • Get schedule info at a glance
  • View time cards, request time off, and view points with web-based portal
  • Capture time collection using convenient methods, including mobile app

Asure’s Time & Attendance software makes time collection, accruals and scheduling easy with modern tools that are both convenient and compliant.

TC Elite

What’s holding your business back? While payroll is an essential part of your day-to-day business, effective human capital management requires attention to a lot of other areas. At Asure, we’ve structured our business and our software solutions to make your life easier. From applications to benefits to HR policies and more, our suite of products and integrations can help you expand operational efficiencies for all your HCM tasks, including hiring and onboarding, time tracking, and even HR compliance.

TC Basic

The TC Basic provides basic time clock functionality, including the ability to punch in and out with a PIN number, a proximity card, or a biometric reader to prevent buddy punching.


If there’s no need for on-site hardware, employees can simply use the Asure Time & Attendance website to punch in and out. Additional time management features make web time collection an engaging and efficient option for employees.

Asure Time & Attendance Mobile

The free mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android, empowers employees to track their time from anywhere, at any time. With geopositioning functionality, supervisors can ensure employees are on-site when punching in and out. Employees can also review their time cards and accrual balance and enter time off requests.

Telepunch IVR

Using a landline or mobile phone, employees can clock in and out with an integrated voice response system, available from a 1-800 number

Which time collection method is right for your business?

*The proximity reader on the TC Elite can be used with any compatible card.

**The proximity cards for the TC Basic can be purchased from Asure. Alternatively, you can purchase stickers, compatible with the TC Basic reader, to use with your own cards.

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