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Discover innovative and streamlined Payroll & HR solutions that can help you save time and focus on growth.

Payroll, HR & Beyond

Add and manage the talent you need with ease

Small business owners are encountering a series of challenges when it comes to managing talent and back-office payroll and HR functions. In today’s tight labor market, the pool of available workers is limited, making it difficult to find the right people, especially those with the specific skills needed. Once these valuable individuals are onboarded, retaining them becomes equally challenging in a competitive job market where larger corporations may offer more extensive benefits.

On the administrative front, business owners face stringent record-keeping requirements, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Inefficient HR processes can compound these challenges, wasting valuable time and energy. To compound these challenges, many businesses struggle with systems and tools that don’t seamlessly integrate, leading to fragmented data across multiple platforms.

Asure has innovative and streamlined Payroll & HR solutions desiend to help you overcome these challenges so you can effectively manage both talent and essential back-office functions and have more time back to focus on growing your businesses.

“…Put your people and money into growth and leave the admin burden to us.”

-Pat Goepel, Asure Chairman & CEO ​

Everything You Need to Run Your Payroll & HR Back Office

Payroll Services

Automate and outsource the complex management of wages, direct deposit, tax codes, and all payroll and tax functions to experts who ensure you remain compliant.

HR Software

Eliminate manual data entry and paperwork for new hires. Easily onboard employees remotely with electronic, cloud-based onboarding software. Use convenient e-signature options to speed employees through the onboarding process while remaining fully compliant.

Time & Attendance

Streamline your time-and-attendance process with technology built for your business. Asure’s Time & Attendance software makes time collection, accruals and scheduling easy with modern tools that are both convenient and compliant.

More Options to Manage & Support Your Team

Earned Wage Access

The newly signed Secure Act 2.0 is aimed at creating financial stability for all Americans. To that end, the provisions include generous tax credits for small businesses who establish a new 401(k) offering.

Employment Verification

 Your employees routinely encounter the need for income and employment verification. Automate those income and employment verifications with The Work Number and help employees get faster decisions 24/7 for credit and benefits, while lessening your workload.

Background Checks

Through our background check partner, Asure can help you protect your employees, customers, assets and brand with comprehensive, accurate and compliant background screenings and drug testing solutions. 

Unlock your growth potential

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