Asure delivers payroll tax management solutions through our network of HCM providers who service PEOs and ASOs.

Streamlining Payroll Tax Management for Member Organizations

Through our robust and intuitive Asure Payroll Tax Management (PTM) engine, we’re streamlining complex payroll tax filing for organizations of all sizes. Our partnerships with key HCM providers in the PEO/ASO market provides access and premium integration to a broad range of businesses.

Asure’s Payroll Tax Management supports businesses of all sizes with payroll tax filing. With Asure’s standalone FlexTax solution, PEO and ASO member organizations can take advantage of established integrations to streamline entering, viewing, and monitoring all aspects of their payroll tax filing process. Our online tax portal provides access to tax returns, agency status, and payment details. Asure’s scalable payroll tax service has flexible delivery options and supports multi-state filings for businesses with employees working across state lines.

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