Entity & License Registration

Is your business compliant?

Did you know many companies that employ, sell, and operate in multiple states don’t have the proper tax and secretary of state registrations in place? And, most organizations lack sufficient systems to manage their obligations confidently. It’s time to put nationwide compliance in your complete control.

Nationwide Compliance, Redefined

Reimagine Nationwide Compliance with the Harbor Compliance Platform

Asure has teamed up with Harbor Compliance to provide award-winning software and expert services to streamline nationwide compliance. With Harbor Compliance’s complete solution you can:

  • Register for payroll tax and obtain tax IDs to hire employees and process payroll.
  • Manage entities, tax registrations, organizational records, and business licenses in one central, easy-to-use software.
  • Consolidate registered agent, secretary of state, and payroll tax registration services with one vendor.
  • Leverage robust compliance solutions as you grow at competitive, predictable pricing.

Since 2012, over 40,000 businesses and nonprofits have trusted Harbor Compliance with their registration and licensing needs. Put your state compliance in our good hands today.

Unlock your growth potential

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