CPAs & Accountants 

Strengthen relationships with clients by enhancing your service offerings—allowing you to grow your business while helping your clients grow theirs.

Profit from Payroll

A partnership with Asure creates a new opportunity to drive revenue back into your firm and offer first-class payroll services to your clients. Asure will customize a partner program based on your preference for revenue share, preferred partner rates, accountant referral rewards, or a charitable donation made on your behalf.

Recurring Revenue Stream
Add a recurring revenue stream when you expand existing services and add payroll to your portfolio. With a reliable revenue source, your firm can conduct more accurate planning and forecasting, while increasing your bottom line.

Expand Your Market
Every business needs payroll, therefore expanding your existing local market share and visibility. Asure’s payroll and HR solutions will help you get your foot in the door for new opportunities while providing your existing customers a new solution.

Diversify Your Portfolio
Payroll is a stable and predictable offering for your firm, in addition to a natural product extension that ties into the services you’re already offering today. It also gives you access to powerful back-office tools for enhanced audit capabilities and financial controls.

Increase Public Awareness
Your reputation and the services you provide are everything. Partnering with Asure to offer payroll gives you the opportunity to have conversations across multiple industries within your community, increasing your brand exposure.

Benefits to Your Customers

Less Complexity, Less Headaches

Payroll is complex for businesses of all sizes, especially when having to navigate the ever-changing federal, state, and local laws. With Asure’s compliance experts, your customers can leave the complexity to us.

Direct Access to a Trusted Advisor

When a customer faces an accounting or payroll issue, the first person they look to is their trusted advisor. As an Asure partner, you and your customers have access to a one-stop resource full of industry expertise.

Operate More Efficiently & Profitability

Asure’s solutions can reduce the overall cost and time of processing payroll in-house for your customers, allowing them to focus on growing their business. No more back-office overhead or valuable time spent on payroll.

One-Of-A-Kind Personalized Experience

With Asure as a partner, you can take your client relationship to the next level by providing them a more personalized experience with valuable conversations and access to real-time customized dashboards and reports.

Unlock your growth potential

Talk with one of our experts to explore how Asure can help you reduce administrative burdens and focus on growth.