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Strengthen relationships with your business customers by adding mission critical services that help them stay compliant and grow their business.

Benefits to Your Financial Institution

A partnership with Asure creates a new opportunity to drive non-interest revenue back to the bank. Asure will customize a partner program based on your preference for revenue share, ACH origination, and bank associate referral rewards.

Distinguish Yourself From Competitors
Customers look to their banks for trusted referrals. While your competitors are referring their customers to large, impersonal HCM providers with call centers, you will know that referring customers to Asure means they are in the hands of a business that truly values personalized service.
Protect Your Customers’ Bottom Line

Customers want to know that their bank is looking out for them. As a provider, Asure assumes the liability of managing payroll and HR data and filing taxes on the customer’s behalf. Working with an expert team is the safest way for your customers to protect their business from costly compliance mistakes.

Expand Your HCM Product Offering

Asure offers a complete suite of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, from payroll and tax software to time and attendance tracking, onboarding solutions, and more. By offering a variety of back-office tools to your customers, you will be able to better protect your book of business and increase customer satisfaction.

Refer Customers to a Trusted Source

With over 60,000 SMB clients, Asure is the partner of choice for small-to-medium sized businesses. Our Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions are fully scalable and built with small business owners’ needs in mind.

Benefits to Your Customers

Free Up Time to Focus on Business Growth
Payroll is a company’s biggest expense and most time-consuming task. By utilizing Asure’s solutions, customers can free up their time to focus on increasing sales.
Provide Employees a Better Experience

Employees expect clear and easy access to HR resources. Asure’s solutions include a number of convenient employee self-service options that streamline processes for both you and your employees.

Reduce the Risk and Ensure Compliance

Payroll mistakes can be costly, and payroll law is complex. By outsourcing payroll and human capital management to Asure’s compliance experts, customers can enjoy peace of mind.

Decrease the Back-Office Expenses

Asure’s solutions can reduce the overall cost of managing human capital in-house. That’s valuable capital that your customers can use to invest in products or services or marketing and sales.

Free eBook: Why Banks Should Offer Payroll Services

Payroll is the Ultimate “Essential Business.”

In these uncertain times, are you looking for ways to build new revenue streams and increase your firm’s financial resilience? Banks should consider adding a payroll service.

Every business—no matter how small or large—has to pay employees and it is critical they calculate payroll correctly and meet complex compliance requirements. Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need a partner to help with this essential task, and it’s natural to seek this service from trusted advisors.

Unlock your growth potential

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