ACA Reporting

The regulations surrounding the Affordable Care Act are complex and multi-faceted. Businesses that fail to comply face costly fines and consequences. Asure’s comprehensive ACA Filing services offer compliance peace of mind, while freeing you to focus on growth.

Protect your business with on-time ACA filing that's done right

With complicated filing requirements, numerous penalties, and fees calculated on a per-employee basis, non-compliance can get really expensive, really fast. Asure’s full-service ACA filing includes these services, as well as ongoing, personalized support from an ACA Specialist throughout the calendar year.

Eligibility Report

We keep track of the hours your employees have worked and provide a report to help you identify who is eligible or approaching eligibility.

ACA Coding

Asure assigns and updates the appropriate codes for each employee’s offer of coverage to avoid penalties.

1095 Form Printing

We provide a consolidated, easy-to-review monthly preview report, plus print and mail 1095 forms to your address.

Open Enrollment Support

Asure provides the ACA Data Form in conjunction with your Open Enrollment period.

E-Filing with the IRS

With great attention to detail, Asure completes the required forms and files the 1094 and 1095 with the IRS.

How is your business impacted by ACA?

Download the guide to explore requirements, penalties and checklist for ACA compliance.


The Affordable Care Act

How does ACA impact business owners?

The intent of the ACA is to make healthcare coverage more accessible and affordable to more Americans. To accomplish this goal, the government places specific regulations on any employers over a certain size threshold, requiring that these “large” employers (50 FTEs or more) offer healthcare and keep meticulous records to demonstrate their compliance in the form of annual filings with the IRS. For small to mid-size business owners, these requirements can be daunting, that’s why Asure offers ACA filing services to support our payroll customers with ACA compliance reporting.

  • The employer mandate for the Affordable Care Act signed in 2010 is still in effect

  • Employers are held responsible for all aspects of ACA compliance, not their broker

  • Full time employee equivalents are not always the same as full-time employees

  • Some states have their own ACA regulations and filing deadlines

  • The IRS recently eliminated the “good faith” clause, which offered some grace to those who filed incorrectly

  • Penalties for non-compliance are often assessed per employee and can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars or more

How Can Asure Help?

Compliance You Can Count On

Filing forms with the IRS requires meticulous attention to details that are complex and often difficult to fully understand. With ACA, the IRS has offered some grace in the form of its “good faith” clause, however, they announced that for 2021 filings, that clause is no longer applicable. All required businesses must complete their ACA filings completely and accurately to avoid the significant penalties, which can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars for non compliance. At Asure, our experienced team of ACA experts can help you check all the right boxes, while reducing the burden and manual entry requirements for you and your team—so you can focus on growth.

While employers with 50 or more full-time employees must meet ACA compliance and filing requirements, there are a variety of factors that determine which businesses must comply.

Take the quiz to see if your organization needs to meet ACA compliance requirements.

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