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Automate and outsource the complex management of wages, direct deposit, tax codes, and all payroll and tax functions to experts who ensure you remain compliant.

Complete. Accurate. Compliant.

Our small business payroll solutions work as hard as you do

Employee Self Service

Save time by empowering employees to access their data online. Our employee portal lets your team view and update personal information, review paychecks, and access W-2 information from their own device.

100% Compliant Payroll Taxes

Protect your business from costly compliance mistakes. We file taxes on your behalf and our systems are always up to date with the latest federal, state, and local tax requirements.

General Ledger Integration

Simplify your reconciliation process with payroll data that’s automatically uploaded to your accounting system, eliminating the need for data entry between payroll and accounts.  

Managed Garnishments

Save time, cut postage, reduce banking fees, and limit your liability

ACA Compliance & Reporting

Automate compliance requirements with the Affordable Care Act

U.S. employees have been affected by payroll problems

Source: Thrive My Way

The last thing you want for your employees is for their paychecks to have an error. Our payroll specialists ensure your employees receive timely, accurate compensation, giving you and your employees financial peace of mind.

Boost Efficiency for Managers & Employees Alike

Asure’s employee self-service options let your team members view and update their personal details, access paystubs, and view W-2 information. The employee portal is accessible from mobile devices and desktop or laptop computers. Managers can use the portal to send announcements and alerts, as well as approve data changes and control which features are accessible via the employee portal. LEARN MORE

Go ahead and grow. Whether you have a handful of employees or hundreds, the Asure payroll solution will keep pace with your needs as your business expands. 

A Better Payroll Experience

Sometimes bigger isn’t better. The largest payroll providers struggle to deliver personalized service to their small business customers. At Asure, you’ll experience the premium service you deserve with dedicated account support and a team that understands the unique needs of your business. 

Our payroll services are built specifically to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, offering the tools you need and eliminating the hassle you don’t have time for. 

Our Goal: Ease your administrative burden so you can focus on growth.

“From onboarding to the implementation process to case support after launch, Asure employees are always available and provide exceptional service. Instead of contacting a general helpline, Asure is structured where you have a team of specialists familiar with your business.”

“I did not want to do payroll for my small business without the help of professionals. They have experience and knowledge. I do not have the time to learn how to run my payroll. Everything I need to know is easy to find. With Asure’s support, I can focus on what I do and know best.”

People Management Made Easy

Unlock your growth potential with payroll and HR solutions designed make your life easier. Streamline administrative tasks and maintain compliance with payroll solutions that integrate seamlessly with everything you need to centralize and simplify people management.

From applications to benefits to HR policies and more, our suite of products and integrations can help you expand operational efficiencies for all your HCM tasks, including hiring and onboarding, time tracking, and even HR compliance.

Learn more about Asure’s Hiring & Onboarding capabilities.

Highly Secure. Highly Auditable. Your data is secure, safe, and compliant with Asure. All of our applications and data are hosted and protected with Amazon Web Services, the leading provider of cloud storage. Information security controls include monthly vulnerability management scans, antivirus software installed in all environments, and encryption of all client data. Clients using our cloud-based software can even customize security rights so individual users only have access to what you choose.

Integrations Expedite Your Experience. Whether you want to connect to your accounting system or your time and attendance software, Asure can provide a seamless experience with established integrations. With general ledger integration, you can simplify your reconciliation process. Payroll data can be automatically uploaded to your accounting system, eliminating the need for data entry between payroll and accounts. Asure also integrates with QuickBooks Online so that pay data flows directly into QuickBooks- no effort required.

More Options for Your Employees

How do you employees want to get paid? With Asure payroll, you can offer flexible choices to meet their needs like direct deposit, pay cards, and even earned wage access that lets employees access “same-day pay” with no risk to you.

Asure is a publicly traded company with the financial strength and stability to partner with an array of industry-leading providers, enabling us to offer more value for you and your employees. When you use our payroll solutions, you get access to integrations with best-in-class services and solutions from Equifax, ZayZoon, TurboTax and dozens more.


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