Earned Wage Access

On-demand pay services offers new high-value,
no-risk benefit for Asure clients
and their employees.

Today is the New Payday

Asure has teamed up with ZayZoon to deliver Earned Wage Access. Empower your employees to say goodbye to late bill payments, bank overdraft fees, and high interest loans. Earned Wage Access is one of the newest fintech innovations and now you and your employees can reap the benefits. Through Asure’s partnership with ZayZoon, you have access to this no-risk, no-cost benefit to leverage to assist with retention, recruitment, and boosting productivity. 

What is Earned Wage Access?

Earned Wage Access (EWA) is a service that allows employees to access their earned wages before their next paycheck. It provides employees with a flexible way to access their pay and helps them manage unexpected expenses. Earned Wage Access works by allowing employees to receive their pay as soon as they have earned it, rather than having to wait for their next scheduled pay day. This is also known as instant pay or on-demand pay.

Integrated with Your Payroll

Asure will exchange data with ZayZoon so you can offer employees the benefit of secure access to their earned wages.

Funded by ZayZoon

ZayZoon funds all early wage access requests. There is no risk or liability to you as the employer. Funds are automatically recovered on the next pay run.

Easy Activation

Asure’s integration with ZayZoon streamlines Earned Wage Access to offer fast, simple activation to your employees via an email invitation and mobile signup.

ZayZoon allows employees to instantly access their Earned Wages on demand.

It’s a voluntary benefit that reduces financial stress related to cash flow shortfalls between paychecks. Improve retention, increase productivity and benefit from a more engaged workforce.


High-Demand Service

79% of workers are willing to switch to an employer who offers Earned Wage Access. 

Talent is scarce and employers everywhere are looking for ways to compete against other employers. Offering your employees an opportunity to get an advance on their earned wages can boost retention and help attract new team members.

Promotional Toolkit

Get ready-to-use resources to inform and educate your employees about this new benefit 

Use our convenient online toolkit to promote the ZayZoon Earned Wage Access service to your employees. Access digital and printable resources about this great new benefit.


Benefits to Employers


Employers who offer fast access to earned wages have a competitive advantage for hiring a shrinking workforce. With Earned Wage Access, you’ll attract 2x more applicants than your competitors


Data shows 89% of employees are willing to stay at jobs where they have convenient on-demand pay


When your team members aren’t distracted by financial concerns, they can better focus on their responsibilities at work

    Providing earned wage access improves employee turnover by 29%

    Data shows that providing an earned wage access solution to employees improves turnover by 29% yielding a savings of $10,000/year for every 100 employees paid.


    The ZayZoon service is voluntarily for employees who choose to sign up and participate. Secure access to your employees’ payroll data will be automatically activated as a complimentary addition to your existing Asure payroll service. If you don’t wish to participate at this time, click the button below to complete our opt out form.

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