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Financial Resources are Scarce

Cash flow constraints hindering your growth investments?

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re facing a significant challenges in accessing capital. Interest rates continue to climb and the days of “free money” are long behind us.

Your financial institution is probably playing it safe. In fact studies show that less than 20% of small business loan applications are approved by local banks. As a result, many business owners are tapping into their own resources to just keep things running. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that 71% are using their personal savings and more than 60% are using personal credit cards to fund business needs.

The Federal government offers some generous tax advantages that can be a lifesaver for small businesses trying to compete and operate in today’s economy. Yet many aren’t aware of these options like ERTC and the newly signed Secure Act 2.0. Plus, filing for these tax credits is a complex process that can quickly become overwhelming.

Meanwhile, your expenses are rising along with inflation and your cash flow is likely feeling the squeeze.

Asure is dedicated to helping small businesses thrive. We have services, solutions, and partnerships that can help you tap into the financial resources you need today so you can realize your growth goals tomorrow.

More than 70% of small business owners rely on personal savings and 67% use credit as the top sources for funding.

Get Access to the Funds You Need

401(k) Tax Credits

The newly signed Secure Act 2.0 is aimed at creating financial stability for all Americans. To that end, the provisions include generous tax credits for small businesses who establish a new 401(k) offering.


As part of the CARES Act, the Employee Retention Tax Credit is a generous tax advantage offered to small businesses who were impacted by Covid. Those who qualify can earn up to $26k per employee. 

Tax Credit Advance

When you file for ERTC, we know you’re counting on those funds to invest in and grow your business. That’s why we’ve partnered with Finance ERC to offer a way to get your Employee Retention Tax Credit funds faster.

Small Business Lending

We know your expenses are skyrocketing, impeding your growth goals. Through our partnership with Lendio, Asure connects clients to lending options that are tailor made for small businesses.

ERTC Eligibility Quiz

Is Your Business Eligible?

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