Time & Attendance for a modern workforce

Time tracking systems save huge amounts of time and money by getting rid of errors, automating processes, and eliminating fraud. But, how can a time and attendance system elevate work for your employees?

With Asure Software, your employees will have access to the data they need and will be able to capture time in a way that makes sense for the way they work: Web browser, mobile device, biometrics, and next-gen facial recognition technology.

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GET TIME (and money) BACK

Add up to 40 hours of productivity a week by jumpstarting your payroll process and eliminating error-prone manual calculations. Accurately and quickly complete time collection and processing tasks and get time back to support your business growth.

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Choose the time entry methods that meet your employees' needs — from badge readers to sleek solutions including next-gen biometric facial recognition and mobile which allow your, agile workforce to work from anywhere at any time.

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Our system not only adapts to the most complex business and payroll rules, but also adds scalability, enables better forecasting, streamlines scheduling, enforces application security, and ensures rapid deployment and low total cost of ownership.

Asure Software Time and Attendance Tracking, Powerful Software for Your Business

Asure's cloud-based Time & Attendance software automates the collection and calculation of payroll


Paperless review, edit, and sign-off makes employees self-sufficient, frees up admin time, and helps improve relationships with supervisors by eliminating inefficiencies around time off requests and automating payroll adjustments.


A user-friendly dashboard and configurable notifications alert supervisors when employees have exceptions or when time cards need attention. Seamless integration with all popular payroll products reduces payroll preparation time by up to 80%.


Get critical employee payroll, scheduling, and historical trend information to develop conflict-free staff schedules, project overtime, reduce overhead costs, and make better business decisions.

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Facial Recognition Data Collection

Facial recognition

Validate employee punch data with facial recognition to eliminate buddy punching, improve accuracy, and deliver a modern experience to your employees.

More than facial recognition

Capture punch data with multiple modes of validation in one device: Biometric fingerprint, proximity reader, key pad, bar code, or most any combination

More than a time clock

Employees can request PTO, check accrual balances, view schedules, review time cards, and more. It’s like your own self-service HR help desk — at the clock.

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Biometric Clock Time and Attendance Tracking Feature

When accuracy matters

When it’s critical to validate who’s punching in, where their doing it, and when, use biometric technology to validate your employee records.

Eliminate time theft

Buddy punching costs companies millions of dollars in stolen payroll time. Biometric time clocks prevent employees from punching in and out for each other.


Capture punch data with multiple modes of validation in one device: Biometric fingerprint, key pad, or bar code

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Mobile Geographic Attendance Tracking Feature

Anytime, anywhere

Ideal for mobile workers who work in the field, at client sites, and on job sites. Collect the data you require with the same flexibility your employees need to be successful.


Need to verify your employees are at the right location? Our mobile punch clock captures geo-location of their punch activity.

Photo verification

Mobile work, by its nature, has more flexibility and opportunity for fraud. But our mobile app verifies employees punch data with a selfie to prevent buddy punching and time theft.

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Elevate your work today

Collect data they way your people work. If you have mobile hourly workers, have challenges with stolen time and buddy punching, or need to automate your time and attendance and payroll processes, let’s talk about solutions and pricing that’ll work for you.

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