Background Checks

Improve efficiency with Asure and our partner for safe hiring advantage.

Protect your business with our partner MyHRScreens' comprehensive screenings

Asure is committed to help you protect your employees, customers, assets and brand with comprehensive, accurate and compliant background screening and drug testing solutions. Our partner’s solutions will improve your efficiency, enhance candidate experience, and accelerate time to hire. 

Simplify the Screening Process

Obtain the most accurate, compliant, and timely background checks with the latest innovations. 

Full Screenings

Choose from a wide range of categories and options

U.S. Based Services

Dedicated customer service team is 100% U.S. based

Expedite Hiring

Get the info you need faster with 24/7 screenings

Mobile User Interface

Invite candidates to share and upload info with ease

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Unlock your growth potential

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