With Human Resources the operational hub of organizations, both the department and its functions have become strategic centers of organizational advancement. To accommodate expanding demand for support, HCM technology and services are no longer disparate industries. The administrative services organization (ASO) model provides the technology-personal services blend to optimize HR functions for growing companies of all sizes.

What is HCM ASO?

HCM ASO’s technology platform consists of a cloud-based, intuitive, all-in-one platform solution providing thorough employment life cycle management. A single application with a clean one employee record environment for administrative ease.

The services component improves operational efficiency with a dedicated Payroll Account Processor, Data Entry Specialist and Benefits Administration Specialist.

Together, this uniquely impactful HR capacity eases administrative burden by eliminating system keying, providing single database – single vendor structural integrity. Companies gain control of labor cost while easing current HR staff’s stress, improving employee productivity with both desktop and mobile access, all through this enhanced service model. It simplifies the management of sensitive HR data throughout entire employment lifecycles.

Employees, administrators and executives all benefit from the improved productivity and informed decision making that comes with a single, unified HR environment ASO provides. Real-time, user-friendly talent recruitment, employee performance management and payroll processing services enable HR professionals to control their own data – make changes, run reports and submit payroll anywhere, anytime. This is a key differentiator from PEOs, one that keeps ASO arrangements cost-effective for companies as they scale-up with growth.

Time & Labor Management

A daily benefit is seamless integration with a robust time and labor management solution, providing an automated jumpstart to the payroll process. A variety of data collection system-integrated time clocks allow multi-verification ability of both traditional and mobile workers. It’s an easy-to-use solution that helps organizations improve workforce monitoring accuracy, reduce administrative expenses and improve payroll processing.

Benefits Administration

Another ASO hallmark is streamlining and simplifying the enrollment process with a paperless solution, while improving year-round benefits management accuracy and efficiency. The comprehensiveness reduces the cost and time of managing complex benefits packages. It encompasses online benefit enrollment and carrier connection, integrated ancillary benefit options (HSA, HRA, FSA, COBRA & inactive participant billing), Affordable Care Act compliance and reporting, with web-based manager and employee self-service.

Recruitment & Onboarding

As a company grows, HCM ASO redefines new hire management, with applicant information entered just one time, then automatically carried throughout the entire system. Requisition and budget management, web-based recruitment, online employment application processing, and applicant tracking and document management, comprise the turnkey capacity.

Asure Software’s AsureHCM ASO software platform and accompanying services portfolio provides the cost-savings environment to scale HR effectively and continuously, as a business grows, addressing the digital realities of the modern workplace and fluid workforce. Contact Asure to discover how.

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