In the latest installment of our executive series on the blog Nigel Clarke, Global SVP of EMEA & APAC, discusses the value of understanding the actual utilization of your organization’s real estate and the effect a growing mobile workforce can have.

The Mobile Workforce, Actual Utilisation, & Your Corporate Real Estate

Chances are, like many other organisations, the way you work is changing. Business travel, off-site meetings, vacations, leaves of absence, telecommuting, and other factors are now leaving up to 60% of workspace un-used. The same desks, offices, and meeting rooms that were once used have become victims of an increasingly mobile workforce. The important thing is that your organisation looks at this as an opportunity and not a problem.With the technology available to more accurately understand actual versus planned space utilisation, the opportunity to create savings attached to your corporate real estate is greater than ever before.In the past organisations relied on room and space reservation systems and bed checks to understand space utilisation. Unfortunately by relying solely on room scheduling systems real estate professionals were only able to see when rooms and workspaces were scheduled and reserved to be used, not if they were actually used. The final piece of the puzzle is really an occupancy detection solution that can provide actual utilisation data. By understanding what rooms and workspaces are actually being used or going un-used your organisation will be able to see what rooms and workspaces are no longer needed or can be repurposed to be used more efficiently.It really comes down to this. Real estate is the second largest expense for most organizations. The fact that so many organisations don’t truly understand how much of it is/isn’t being used is preposterous. Just to make things a little worse, I’ll pass along another number. It costs approximately £6,500 to maintain a single workspace for a year. How many desks or offices are going un-used and costing organisations these large sums of money? It is because of these numbers that I can’t stress the importance of understanding the actual utilisation of your workspace enough.

About Nigel Clarke

Nigel Clarke, Global SVP of EMEA & APACNigel Clarke joined Asure Software in 2012 and is responsible for AsureSpace Sales & Operations in the Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia-Pacific regions. He brings 20 years of sales and marketing expertise in complex technology solutions for small/medium and Enterprise markets. Nigel has served the mobile/wireless industry for at companies including Mitsubishi Electric Group, FTSE Top 100 Lattice Group PLC, Palm Computing, Intellisync, Dexterra, and Syclo, which SAP acquired in 2012. Based in Staines, United Kingdom, He has a degree in Business Studies and Economics from Surrey University, United Kingdom.

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