Is your calendering spreadsheet at your office nearly indecipherable? There is an easier way to manage business activities and projects. Resource scheduling, a tech trend on the rise, is an organizational tool that can funnel all of your company’s resource allocation into one central location–everything from parking spot assignments to meeting room locations. In the cloud, the inner workings of an office can be streamlined like never before.
Resource scheduling can keep all logistical concerns accessible and orderly. Just business aspects it can help with are:

  • Asset management
  • Scheduling company trips, vacations and off-site visits  
  • Hosting events and visitors
  • Reserving conference rooms
  • Organizing shared workspaces, parking spots, catering, conference lines, and more across multiple locations
  • Managing part-time, full-time, and contingent workers’ schedules

While resource scheduling helps with managing meeting rooms, events and the vast number of other office tasks, it also enables your office to evaluate how to better utilize your resources. A central visual location provides a comprehensive overview of where resources are allocated, and whether they are being utilized efficiently or resulting in losses. For example, if a large conference room is seldom used, resource scheduling would easily identify this and that space could be better used as more work space or a break room.
Arranging all of your scheduling needs within the cloud allows employees with varying work schedules to have 24/7 access. After connecting them into your company’s cloud software, workers can access all of the information they need on their personal laptop, home desktop, tablet, or phone wherever they are. If an emergency or changes arise and locations or staff need to be shifted around, rather than haphazardly contacting your employees and disseminating a large group message, just put all relevant updates into the cloud. WIth the click of a button, all employees will have instant access to the real-time scheduling changes that occur.
In the long run, scheduling not only results in greater efficiency but also becomes tremendously cost effective. If employees don’t have to waste time figuring out where to meet, how to get a hold of someone–digging through old emails, or hunting for a manager across company campus–every minute becomes a gain in productivity. After all, time is money. Time previously spent on logistics becomes time spent on projects and profitable activities.
If your company already has an  organizational system in place, you can implement effective aspects of the old one into your new cloud based system. Do your employees prefer to use Outlook or Google mail and calendaring? You can sync those systems into your company’s cloud resource scheduling system. Implementing new resource scheduling software doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. Adopting a newer and more comprehensive approach to scheduling is about integrating the already working components, and adding some new ones to create a more complete and agile system by eliminating faulty and inefficient processes.

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