Recruiting the right talent is a constant challenge for businesses, and it often requires thinking outside the box. In this article, we’ll explore unconventional yet highly effective recruitment strategies, including tapping into your existing employee network, active participation in industry groups, and the importance of diversity in your recruitment efforts. 

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1. Harnessing the Power of Current Employees

One often overlooked but potent resource for recruitment is your current team. When you have a few employees whom you trust and value, they can become your most valuable recruiting assets. Here’s how: 

Employee Referral Programs: Consider implementing an employee referral program where you incentivize your staff to refer candidates. Offering a financial reward, like a $500 bonus for successful hires, can motivate employees to actively participate in the recruitment process. 

Leveraging Employee Networks: Your employees have their own professional networks. When they refer candidates, you gain access to individuals who share their values and work ethic. This can significantly improve the quality of candidates you attract. 

Building Trust: Employees who refer candidates are likely to vouch for their abilities and cultural fit within your organization. Trust in your team’s judgment can expedite the hiring process.

2. Active Engagement on Professional Platforms

Recruitment efforts should extend beyond job postings. Engaging on professional platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter can be invaluable. Here’s how to make the most of these platforms: 

Advocacy and Networking: As a leader, you can advocate for your company and industry by actively participating in discussions and events related to your field. Sharing insights and representing your organization’s values can attract potential candidates. 

Industry Involvement: Get involved in industry-specific groups and organizations. This is particularly beneficial if you’re seeking subject matter experts in various fields. Being an active participant in these groups can help you identify passionate and talented individuals. 

Networking Pools: Engaging with industry groups inherently connects you with people who are passionate about that sector or mission. These individuals can form a valuable networking pool from which you can recruit.

3. Embrace Diversity in Recruitment

Diversity is not only about ethnicity and gender but also encompasses different talents and perspectives. Here’s why it’s crucial to broaden your recruitment horizon: 

Inclusive Recruitment: Stepping out of your core network and into other networks ensures a more diverse talent pool. Diversity brings fresh ideas, perspectives, and approaches, ultimately strengthening your team. 

Tapping into Different Expertise: If you’re not an expert in a particular field, it’s essential to engage with communities or networks where those experts reside. This way, you can recruit individuals with the specific skills and knowledge your organization needs. 

Cultivating a Diverse Culture: A diverse workforce fosters creativity, innovation, and adaptability. It reflects positively on your organization’s commitment to inclusivity and can enhance your company’s reputation. 


Effective recruitment is an ongoing process that goes beyond traditional job postings. Leveraging your current employees, actively participating in professional platforms and industry groups, and embracing diversity are powerful strategies for finding the right talent. By tapping into employee networks and engaging with diverse communities, you can build a strong and dynamic team that will drive your organization’s success. Remember, recruiting is not just about finding the right fit; it’s about fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and inclusivity. 

Asure supports 100,000 small and midsize businesses in all 50 states. Learn more about how partnering with Asure can help you grow your business. 

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