Every business owner and human resources department deals with employee turnover each year. These turnover rates can vary widely, especially in today’s competitive hiring world.It’s ultimately the company’s responsibility to design a workplace that encourages high employee retention levels. In fact, many businesses already have the tools they need to hold onto those critical team players. Take a look at how technology can enhance your employee retention efforts during this fiscal year.

Encourage Telecommuting

Technology is the sole reason why telecommuting is a viable option for valued employees. An employee can be virtually present at the company while working from another location. In fact, the employee might travel to client sites and work in a mobile capacity too.

Participate in Frequent Video Chats

Regardless if your employees are telecommuting or working in the office, everyone needs to connect face-to-face on a regular basis. If business owners or managers are constantly on the road, they should take part in frequent video chats with office co-workers.These chats don’t have to be official meetings. In fact, they can be partly social as supervisors and employees catch up with any projects or issues facing the company.When employers use video and audio communication, the conversation is more personal compared to an email or instant message. Employees feel connected to their companies – managers, coworkers, overall culture – and they’ll be more inclined to remain with the company through future tough times.

Train Employees on Internal Computer Systems

A major part of employee retention is understanding basic psychology. Everyone wants to feel valued and part of a collective team. One important aspect of your onboarding practices is training. You’ll want to train your employees on all of the intricacies involved with available technologies. You’ve likely implemented your own software platforms that are specific to your line of work, so it’s important for employees to be familiar with all the platforms available. This will help acclimate your employees and make them feel a part of the team.Train employees on their department’s software first, and then slowly educate them on other critical software areas. You’re educating your workforce and helping them feel important at the same time. Their acquired skills can come in handy if the system ever fails, and administrators aren’t available.Additionally, offer refreshers or continuing-education courses on any internal technology that the company uses on a regular basis. You’re building your workforce with intelligence at its core.

Begin or extend your BYOD program

Businesses have started or plan to start Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs in the workplace. Instead of having smart phones that they distribute to managers, salespeople and other personnel, employees are encouraged to give their devices dual purposes, functioning both as a personal and work device. For many employees this practice is better as their devices are already set to their specific preferences and need little tweaking.BYOD programs allow employees to update their phones as technology allows without costing your organization thousands of dollars each year. BYOD programs also make new hire transitions smoother since employees don’t need time to adjust to different computer platforms or operating systems.

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