By Steven Rodriguez, COO

Cloud-based software: Its time has come

Workplace and Workforce Management Software in the Cloud has grown in popularity in recent years. Companies that need to serve employees with 24/7 access to software applications know there are distinct advantages to on-demand solutions vs. on-premise software.Also known as SaaS (Software-as-a- Service) solutions, workplace and workforce management software in the Cloud are installed and hosted at the provider’s site and organizations simply pay a subscription or service fee to access and use the software.The benefits are clear, as a recent article in Manufacturing Business Technology magazine explains:Businesses benefit from SaaS when they cannot dedicate IT resources to installing and managing applications.  –“On-Premise vs. SaaS ERP Software Costs,” February 20, 2013Business software delivered in the cloud or through SaaS may be the best way to implement a new application. In today’s environment, it’s easy to generate fast ROI using SaaS solutions. How? Because issues like constant upgrades, time delays, technical training issues, and the capital expense required to install new software on-premise are gone like the disco era of the 1970s.

Benefits of SaaS

  • No capital expense, no software purchase — only the monthly service fee and a small initial setup fee
  • No upgrade costs to keep the software up-to-date
  • Reduced risks inherent with new software acquisition
  • Predictable software costs.
  • Little or no burden to your IT department
  • Fast start for a quick ROI
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease usage as business requirements change
  • Scalability. Sign up for a minimum number of users and add more whenever you need to
  • No hidden costs such as hardware, annual maintenance fees, or internal support personnel

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Steven W Rodriguez, Chief Operating OfficerBefore joining Asure Software, Steven served as a Principal for HCS, a consulting company he founded. Prior to that, he was the Executive Vice President and Officer at Perquest, a National Workforce Management Company dedicated to providing innovative technology and superior Client Services in addition to serving as Senior Vice President of Sales & Sales Operations at Ceridian Corporation, a global human resource services company. As COO of Asure Software Steven is focused on the global product strategy, technology, IT and operations for the organization. He also has his eyes on Asure’s plans for global domination by focusing on expansion into Dubai and Singapore. Mr. Rodriguez holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

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