Revisited: Our Implementation Supervisor walks you through the process of implementing our state-of-the-art payroll tax software…

A Process Designed Around You

It’s not hard to know when your current system for processing payroll taxes has stopped working. Have you come to dread the approach of each new quarter? Do you cancel all of your plans and start stocking food in the work refrigerator around year-end? Or worse, maybe you’re falling further behind as your clients’ multistate obligations grow beyond your ability to keep up.

You know you need help. But the idea of making the transition to a new system can be intimidating too. It sounds complicated. How can you be sure there are no gaps in the process? How much will you have to learn?

Relax. Asure Payroll Tax Management Implementation Supervisor James Ingram has been helping our clients make the transition to FlexTax® for more than five years. He makes sure our new clients never have to do it on their own. We’re with them step-by-step for as long as it takes, until they are fully up and running, with a system that allows them to leave the heavy lifting of managing payroll tax compliance to us. Here, Ingram explains how we support our new clients through the process of implementing state-of-the-art payroll tax software:

Getting to Know You: Our process starts with a phone call. We get to know you and your payroll, HCM or ERP software. We introduce you to the steps you will need to take to get ready for implementation. We’ll lay out the process and walk you through the paperwork you’ll need to get started. We’ll establish time frames that work for you. It might seem a little overwhelming at first, but our implementation specialists will stay with you through your first quarter-end.

Getting Started: We’ll set up passwords and schedule training dates for as many of your employees as you like. One-hour per week training sessions – typically for 4 to 10 weeks – will take you through the processes, at your own pace, and at no additional charge.

Going Live: At this point, you are set up, trained, and ready to go live –  but training is still ongoing. We’ll have another meeting to review rules and procedures. We’ll zero in on the procedures for quarter-end and year-end.  We’ll continue walking you through the processes through your first live quarter-end.

Graduation: When you’re ready, we’ll move you over to our operations team, where you will be assigned your own operations specialist – a source of ongoing support for as long as you are an Asure client. You’ll have access to broad expertise regarding compliance across local, state and federal agencies. You’ll have access to a wide range of reports, like reports that flag missing data, variances or other issues that need attention. You’ll have access to customized reporting and detailed accounting to ensure that you are always in balance and in compliance. Most importantly, when you have questions or concerns, you’ll talk to the same person. On your schedule.

Hassle-Free Payroll Tax Compliance and Customer Support that Doesn’t End

As innovators in the field of payroll tax compliance since 1969, we know how to keep our clients sleeping well at night. It starts with expertise, but it doesn’t end there. Our system of software coupled with customer support is the best in the industry. We know because many of our clients have told us so. And because we follow up every implementation with a survey to find out what we could be doing better.

At Asure, we are dedicated to providing solutions across the entire landscape of payroll tax issues, including managing complex multistate payroll tax obligations. We are committed to our clients’ success at every step whether they want a little help or a full-service payroll tax solution.

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