In the realm of financial technology, on-demand pay has not only redefined payroll solutions but has also made significant strides in addressing internal theft issues, particularly in the context of Wendy’s franchises.  

This article delves into a real-life case study, showcasing the positive impact of on-demand pay on reducing tilt theft and how earned wage access contributes to a more secure business environment by addressing the financial stressors that may lead to internal theft issues. 

Learn how on-demand pay services offer a high-value, no-risk benefit for Asure clients and their employees. 

Understanding Tilt Theft: A Challenge in the Hospitality Industry 

Tilt theft, or the unauthorized removal of cash from a cash register, poses a significant challenge in the hospitality industry, particularly in fast-food establishments like Wendy’s. The cash-centric nature of these businesses, coupled with financial stressors faced by employees, can create an environment conducive to internal theft. Recognizing this challenge, ZayZoon (an on-demand pay service provider), partnered with Wendy’s franchises to explore how earned wage access could mitigate tilt theft issues. 

On-Demand Pay’s Partnership with Wendy’s: A Strategic Approach 

ZayZoon’s partnership with a large swath of Wendy’s franchises presented an opportunity to address tilt theft directly. One franchise, in particular, conducted a case study to evaluate the impact of On-Demand Pay on tilt theft numbers. The results were nothing short of remarkable, highlighting the potential for earned wage access to act as a deterrent to internal theft. 

Reducing Tilt Theft by 80%: Unveiling the Impact 

Upon implementing ZayZoon’s earned wage access solution, the Wendy’s franchise noted a significant reduction in tilt theft. The numbers spoke volumes, with tilt theft decreasing by an impressive 80%. This marked improvement underscored the correlation between financial stressors faced by employees and their potential engagement in internal theft. 

Addressing the Root Cause: Financial Stressors 

The success of On-Demand Pay in reducing tilt theft lies in its ability to address the root cause – financial stressors faced by employees.  

In a fast-paced environment like fast food, where employees often experience cash flow challenges between paychecks, the temptation to resort to internal theft may arise. Earned wage access provides employees with the financial flexibility to manage their expenses without resorting to unauthorized means. 

Streamlining Payroll Processes: A Win-Win Solution 

Beyond reducing tilt theft, on-demand pay’s integration with payroll processes streamlines financial transactions, creating a win-win situation for both employees and employers.  

The seamless process ensures that employees have access to their earned wages when needed, contributing to a more satisfied and financially secure workforce. For employers, this translates into a more secure business environment with reduced instances of internal theft. 

Conclusion: On-Demand Pay’s Holistic Impact on Business Security 

The case study with Wendy’s franchises highlights the holistic impact of on-demand pay on business security. By addressing the financial stressors that often contribute to tilt theft, on-demand pay emerges as a strategic tool for creating a more secure and trustworthy business environment.  

As businesses across industries explore innovative solutions to mitigate internal theft issues, ZayZoon’s success story with Wendy’s franchises serves as a testament to the transformative power of earned wage access in fostering a secure and thriving business ecosystem. 

Learn how on-demand pay services offer a high-value, no-risk benefit for Asure clients and their employees. 

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