Are you familiar with the NACHA requirements and their impact on compliance? In this article, we will explore a valuable resource for understanding NACHA regulations and determining your compliance status. NACHA, a paid service and association, releases updated versions of the NACHA operating rules annually. Whether you are a NACHA or ACH Network participant, it is crucial to stay informed and ensure adherence to these requirements.

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Exploring NACHA Resources

NACHA provides a comprehensive set of resources to help individuals and organizations understand their obligations.

By signing up with NACHA, participants gain access to the latest rules and guidelines. Each year, NACHA offers various workbooks and materials for purchase, covering different roles and third-party sender relationships. These resources serve as valuable references and can assist in navigating the complexities of compliance.

Quarterly Webinars

To keep participants informed about changes in the NACHA operating rules, NACHA conducts quarterly webinars. These webinars serve as an essential platform for announcing upcoming changes and providing insights into potential alterations. By attending these webinars, individuals can learn about the latest developments and stay ahead of the compliance curve.

Catering to CPAs and Accounting Firms

While larger providers may already be familiar with NACHA requirements, there is a specific group at risk of being caught off guard: CPAs and accounting firms that provide payroll services to their clients.

Even if you only serve a limited number of clients, such as 20, 50, or 200, it is crucial to recognize the relevance of these changes. Despite prior years of unimpeded operations, compliance is now mandatory. The rules are evolving, and it is vital to adapt, regardless of whether you are aware of the modifications.


Staying compliant with NACHA requirements is paramount for individuals and organizations involved in the ACH Network.

NACHA offers valuable resources, including access to the updated operating rules, workbooks, and informative webinars. It is incumbent upon all participants to take advantage of these resources, ensuring they stay informed about upcoming changes.

In particular, CPAs and accounting firms providing payroll services must recognize the necessity of compliance. Embracing these changes now will help prevent any potential complications in the future. Remember, the rules are changing, regardless of your awareness.

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