If you’re a small business, then tax season can be a stressful time. Is your payroll processing done correctly? Are your timesheets accurate? Will your records meet IRS standards?Take a deep breath and turn on your computer. Payroll Specialities NW can help take the stress out of tax season with our payroll processing services, including a variety of helpful tools found on our website at www.psnw.us 

Calculating tools

For employees who aren’t sure which boxes they ought to check on their W-4, you can steer them to the W4 Assistant. This simple tax calculatorguides you through the process of correctly filling out a W4, providing useful information every step of the way. That’s a benefit to your business at tax season–when your employees’ W4s are filled out correctly the first time, it will make your payroll processing easier all year long and streamline the tax filing process each spring.

Other calculators include the Paycheck calculator, which allows employees to figure out what their take-home pay will be, and the hourly paycheck calculator, which allows businesses figure out the take-home for employees paid on an hourly basis.


During tax season, sometimes you might feel like you have more questions than answers. Check out our online tax and payroll processing resources–you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for there. We include federal, state and local tax laws, as well as direct links to the IRS’s information for employers. We can help you find state-specific payroll processing information, answer questions about pensions and social security, or even connect you to the broader payroll community with our links to global and ex-patriate information.

Chances are, you can’t think of a tax or payroll services issue that we don’t already have covered; and if you do, just contact PSNW, and we’ll help you find an answer.


Owning a small business means you’re probably already wearing a lot of hats. Sometimes it makes sense to let an expert take over certain aspects–like payroll processing. At Payroll Specialities NW, our standard services include many detailed reports that will make things easier for you when it’s tax time. We provide tax reports and federal and state quarterly tax returns as part of our customary service, right down to printing W-2s for your employees. Take a look at the payroll services we offer to find out how our reports can make your life easier.

Let us take the hassle out of tax time. Actually, let us take the hassle out of payroll processing all the time! We pride ourselves on making life easier for business owners. Contact Payroll Specialties NW at 541-484-6619 to find out how we can reduce your stress and get you back to what matters most—your business.

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