This year National Small Business Week (NSBW) takes place from April 30th to May 6th. According to America’s Small Business Development Center, “More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.” 



 With 33.2 million small businesses (500 employees and under) employing 61.7 million workers, there is plenty to celebrate. In this article, we’ll share ideas for how to thank your team and promote your small business. Additionally, you’ll discover how to show appreciation for your customers, host an event, and boost sales. 

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What is National Small Business Week (NSBW)?  

The Small Business Administration celebrates National Small Business Week every year to recognize small business owners and entrepreneurs’ hard work and significant contributions.  

It started in 1963 after a proclamation by President John. F. Kennedy announced the first official National Small Business Week. During this time, top entrepreneurs from every state were given awards as special recognition for helping to grow the economy. These individuals often work long hours, take risks, and make sacrifices to build and grow their businesses, and it is important to acknowledge their contributions.  

These awards included: 

  • Small Business Person of the Year 

  • Small Business Exporter of the Year 

  • Small Business Subcontractor of the Year 

Soon the week turned into an annual celebration to foster small business owners and share success stories to inspire future generations. Apart from honoring entrepreneurs, Small Business Week aims to help small businesses scale up by showcasing marketing campaigns and operations of thriving companies.  

In addition, National Small Business Week serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting small businesses. By shopping at local businesses, we can help create jobs and support our communities. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they deserve our support and recognition. 

Ways to Promote Your Small Business  

National Small Business Week is a tremendous opportunity to shine a light on your company, team, and customers. Here’s how: 

1 – Show Appreciation for Your Customers  

A little extra attention can go a long way. Happy customers tend to stay loyal and spread the word. The best part? Expressing gratitude doesn’t have to cost much. 

Make your clients feel valued by: 

  • Sending them handwritten thank you notes (a small gesture with a big payoff) 

  • Featuring them on your blog or social media page 

  • Launching a loyalty program 

  • Implementing customers’ feedback 


2 – Connect with Other Small Businesses 

A celebration has more impact if you get other entrepreneurs involved. Connect with other local businesses and take advantage of the collective power of marketing. Find companies that complement your offerings and set up a joint promotion. For instance, if you run a hotel, reach new customers by partnering with a local restaurant to offer a combined package. Or maybe your clothing boutique wants to join forces with a local salon to offer customers head-to-toe pampering options.  

3 – Host an Event  

Once you have connected with other businesses, setting up an event is a logical next step. First, agree on a goal; what do you hope to accomplish? Ask yourself why you want to host the event and what a successful outcome looks like. Next, decide how many guests you will invite. Empty seats won’t create a buzz, but a busy crowd will.  

Remember, unless you’re going to sit down for a three-course meal, it’s always better to have too many people turn up rather than not enough. Then, set up a realistic budget and settle on a theme. Lastly, consider creating a project timeline to help you stay organized and on top of every detail. 

4 – Give Thanks to Your Team  

Your company wouldn’t be successful without your dedicated employees, so let them know how much you appreciate them. You could treat them to a festive lunch, coffee, or a box of treats from a local bakery. Recognition is important, so consider also giving shout-outs on social media. 

And don’t forget to include other businesses you work with; local suppliers, contractors, and freelancers. It’s unlikely they’ll turn down free coffee and donuts, and the gesture is sure to be memorable.  

5 – Offer Special Discounts  

Keep loyal customers and attract new ones by offering an incentive to shop with or use your business. Think small gifts with purchases, online discounts, or a future discount on any purchases made during Small Business Week. 

6 – Share on Social Media  

Storytelling is an effective way for companies to capture their customer’s attention and deliver marketing messages. By sharing your story, you will give customers an insight into your background and values. Customers who feel they know you are more likely to trust your brand. 

This Small Business Week, use the hashtags #SmallBusinessWeek and #SmallBizSuccess to share why you founded your business, the solutions your business provides, and why your loyal team deserves a shout-out. 

Looking Ahead  

This year, the Small Business Administration is celebrating its annual National Small Business Week from April 30th to May 6th. National Small Business Week is a time to honor the hard-working small businesses and entrepreneurs that help grow our economy.  

There are several ways to promote your small business during this celebratory week, such as: 

  • Thanking staff 

  • honoring loyal customers with special discounts 

  • running joint events with fellow small businesses 

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