An employee takes time to share an example of his positive experiences with Savers Admin with his employer:

“See email below–just wanted to pass along a great act of customer service from Savers that obviously I wouldn’t have caught in the midst of trying to get this thing filed in the middle of our season. Have had nothing but positive experiences with anyone there I’ve ever had to call for assistance.”


“Hi Caleb-

I completed processing your FSA claim submitted yesterday. I wanted to let you know that my calculation was $40.00 greater than your total šŸ™‚ . Your total direct deposit will be in the amount of $346.99 rather than the $306.99 you were claiming. It appears you inadvertently omitted a $40.00 prescription from your addition.

Please contact me anytime you have questions or concerns regarding your FSA. I am most happy to help.

Happy Wednesday~


Winnie Ganter
Client Support Manager

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