At the end of 2016, we started hearing from EmpowerTax clients, looking for alternatives for their payroll tax processing. Some want our Payroll Tax Management service, and some want our software – either option is available, depending on your needs. Although the rumor mill has been working overtime regarding EmpowerTax changes effecting the payroll industry, what we know to be true is we are here to help.

Asure’s Payroll Tax Management has been around almost 20 years helping payroll providers and mid-to large-sized employers with their payroll tax compliance. We are able to offer our clients an entirely different experience than the service that is typically offered by the “big box” providers.

Payroll Tax Management Software: On-Premise or Cloud

Asure’s payroll tax FlexTax® software is flexible, scalable and designed to grow with your business.

FlexTax Hosted allows our clients to enjoy the flexibility of maintaining complete control over their back-end processing while benefiting from the additional IT support of cloud software.

Payroll Tax Management Service

Payroll tax management software can be very useful for service bureaus and remarketers. But what if you don’t have payroll tax experts in-house? What if you’re having difficulty keeping up with all payroll regulations and laws?

In these cases, our payroll tax management service can help ensure that you’re on top of all the latest payroll tax requirements and best practices. We also ensure streamlined and headache-free month-end, quarter-end and year-end payroll tax processing.

EmpowerTax Users Next Steps

Whether you are using an in-house payroll tax compliance software or a full-service payroll tax processor, let us know if you need assistance. Especially if you are an EmpowerTax client looking for a new home.

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