Last year, ZayZoon, an On-Demand Pay company, embarked on an extraordinary 75-day RV tour across 21 states, with a mission to foster a sense of ownership and strengthen their team.

Bringing along 41 ZayZoon team members for different segments of the journey, they aimed to instill the values of customer interaction and learning from their experiences. Little did they know that this adventure would open their eyes to a significant employer benefit.

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The Costly Reality of In-House Employee Advances

During ZayZoon’s visit to Dayton, Ohio, they had the opportunity to engage with one of their clients, a large manufacturing company. It was during a conversation with their HR leader that they discovered their in-house employee advance system, costing them approximately $10,000 per year in transaction fees alone.

This eye-opening revelation prompted them to delve deeper into the challenges faced by employers when it comes to employee advances.

The Employer’s Dilemma: Balancing Employee Support and Cost-Effectiveness

As employers, we genuinely want to assist our employees in times of financial need. The thought of turning down a deserving employee’s request for help seems inconceivable. However, the traditional approach to employee advances comes with its own set of issues. From the administrative burden of processing paper checks to off-cycle pay runs and wire fees, the costs and complexities quickly escalate. Moreover, questions arise about fair treatment and consistency among employees, adding a layer of liability to the process.

Unveiling the Power of On-Demand Pay

By implementing ZayZoon’s on-demand pay platform, employers can eliminate the costly and time-consuming processes associated with traditional advances. With a few simple clicks, employees can access the funds they need, avoiding the need for manual checks or off-cycle pay runs. This streamlined approach not only saves employers money but also ensures fair and consistent treatment for all employees.

The Fairness of On-Demand Pay vs. Payroll Advances: Creating Equitable Financial Solutions for Employees

In the realm of employee compensation, ensuring fairness and equality is crucial for maintaining a harmonious and productive work environment. Traditionally, employers have provided payroll advances as a means of assisting employees facing financial hardships between pay periods.  While this practice aims to offer support, it often raises concerns about fairness and potential bias in the distribution of advances.

In contrast, the emergence of on-demand pay solutions presents a more equitable approach to addressing employees’ financial needs. By understanding the key distinctions between on-demand pay and payroll advances, employers can foster a more just and inclusive compensation system.

The Equality Dilemma of Payroll Advances

Payroll advances, although well-intentioned, can inadvertently create disparities among employees. When faced with multiple requests for advances, employers are compelled to make subjective decisions about who receives financial assistance.

This subjective process opens the door to potential favoritism, biases, and unequal treatment among employees. Consequently, those who are overlooked or receive lesser advances may feel neglected and undervalued, leading to lowered morale and decreased loyalty.

Embracing the Equitable Solution: On-Demand Pay

On-demand pay offers a fairer alternative by providing employees with timely access to their earned wages. Rather than relying on managerial discretion, on-demand pay solutions enable employees to access a portion of their accrued wages whenever they need them.

This approach ensures that all employees have equal access to their earnings, eliminating the potential for bias or favoritism in financial assistance. With on-demand pay, employees can address immediate financial obligations, such as unexpected expenses or emergencies, without having to wait for their regular payday.

Promoting Financial Well-being and Employee Satisfaction

The implementation of on-demand pay demonstrates an employer’s commitment to supporting employees’ financial well-being. By offering a reliable and transparent system for accessing earned wages, employers alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with financial uncertainty. When employees have the freedom to manage their finances more effectively, they experience improved peace of mind and reduced financial stress. This, in turn, positively impacts their overall job satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty to the organization.

Enhancing Workplace Equality and Inclusivity

Adopting on-demand pay as part of an organization’s compensation strategy promotes a culture of equality and inclusivity. All employees, regardless of their personal circumstances or financial needs, have equal access to the benefits of on-demand pay. By removing the potential for subjective decision-making in providing advances, employers create a level playing field where employees feel valued and treated fairly. This fosters a more inclusive work environment, boosting employee morale, engagement, and retention.

The Path to a Fair and Just Compensation System

Transitioning from payroll advances to on-demand pay represents a shift toward a more equitable compensation system. By embracing on-demand pay solutions, employers ensure that every employee has access to the financial resources they need when they need them. This fair and transparent approach eliminates potential biases, reduces administrative burdens, and strengthens the employer-employee relationship.

Recognizing the Extent of Employee Advances: A Wider Perspective on Business Practices

The discovery of the significant expenses incurred by businesses offering employee advances was a revelation for us. It highlighted the need for a more efficient and cost-effective solution. The realization that many companies face similar challenges and expenses sheds light on the importance of finding a better way to support employees while managing costs and liabilities.


The journey across the United States not only brought ZayZoon’s team closer but also opened their eyes to the hidden costs of in-house employee advances. By adopting modern solutions like ZayZoon, businesses can navigate the complexities of employee advances, save money, and create a fair and supportive environment for their workforce. It’s time for employers to seize the opportunity and streamline their approach to employee advances for a brighter future.

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See our deep-dive video about On Demand Pay here.

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