Women make up about half of the US workforce. According to Pew Research, seven in 10 mothers with children younger than 18 years of age are in the US labor force. Yet working mothers face significant challenges when juggling a career and family. In fact, working mothers (60%) are somewhat more likely than fathers (52%) to say balancing work and family is difficult. That’s why many forward-thinking organizations are taking time to recognize and show appreciation for all the mothers in the workforce.

Recognition programs are an important part of your human capital management (HCM) strategy—and a great way to help raise morale, attract and retain the best talent, and reduce stress. Discover practical tips and mother day program ideas your organization can use to reward mothers and positively impact organizational culture.

Portrait of a working mother

When you combine work and family duties, the average working mom puts in a 98-hour work week. The pressure to succeed at work and motherhood is real. Most women expect to remain in the workforce after starting a family however, 43% of highly qualified women “opt out or off-ramp on their way back to work post-baby.” Research shows that working mothers do best in an environment that supports both personal and professional growth. Many successful businesses have responded by offering flexible hours, child care options at work, and other accommodations that smooth the transition between work and family life.

Why recognition is important

Simply stated, recognized employees are happier and more productive. Showing employees (including the mothers in your workforce) that you see and appreciate their efforts makes them feel good about what they do—and that sense of gratitude and accomplishment carries over between work and home. Additionally, almost 90 percent of recognized employees indicate a higher level of trust in their manager.

Mother’s day gift ideas for coworkers

To recognize working mothers, Girl Scouts Heart of the South area girls created National Working Mother’s Day which falls on the Friday before Mother’s Day in the US. This day is the perfect time for your organization to say “thank you” for everything these employees do both at work and at home. Here are five Mother’s day gift ideas for coworkers:

1. Write a note. Deliver a handwritten letter or send an email to moms thanking them for all they do.

2. Say thank you with flowers. Send it to their home address or surprise them with an arrangement on their desk at work.

3. Give them a treat to use later. Gift certificates to a restaurant, movie, or other fun venue allow moms to remember your kindness when redeeming their prize.

4. Offer something they use every day. Present moms with a travel coffee mug or reusable water bottle that they can use to make their day-to-day lives easier.

5. Deliver a themed gift basket. Design and deliver a gift basket with all their favorites, for example, a coffee-lover’s basket, local food items, or weekend warrior support including sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and picnic blankets.

Mother’s day event ideas

Take your recognition of mothers to the next level and host an event at the office to celebrate their contributions. Here are three Mother’s Day event ideas you can use to show employees you really care and increase engagement:

1. Provide lunch. Build a culture that values your working mothers and host a catered meal at the office. This also provides a great opportunity for employees from different teams to connect and network.

2. Host a mom-focused event. Treat all the moms in your office to an hour-long break from their daily duties. Provide massage chairs, tea, meditation time or anything else that allows moms to relax.

3. Give the gift of time. Let your moms leave work early that day to do something they like to do or present them with a voucher to use sometime in the future.

Build a culture of gratitude to increase engagement

The most successful organizations take the necessary steps to show employees appreciation for all they do. To increase morale and retention, make sure you build a comprehensive employee recognition program into your HCM strategy. Be sure to celebrate the contributions of working mothers either before or after this Mother’s Day on May 12, 2019 and say “thank you” for all they do. A little gratitude goes a long way; your organization will benefit from increased loyalty and engagement. Asure Software emboldens organizations to better manage and recognize employees with HCM solutions that put the “human” back in human capital management.

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