Blog - Background Checks: 4 Reasons Why Employee Screenings Should Be a Part of the Hiring Process

Background Checks: 4 Reasons Why Employee Screenings Should Be a Part of the Hiring Process

Background checks are an essential, but often overlooked, aspect of the hiring process. Employers who skip the employee screening process and rely solely on an applicant’s resume and interview are susceptible to vague answers or omissions that could potentially result in legal issues. Conducting background checks during the hiring process demonstrates that your company is serious about who they hire and won’t tolerate illegal activity.

At Payroll Specialties NW Inc., we understand the importance of a reliable hiring process and would like to encourage companies to be proactive about employee screening in order to protect themselves when interviewing new hires.

In conjunction with the National Crime Search (NCS), Payroll Specialties NW offers clients secure, affordable, and timely web-based employee screenings that can be customized to each company’s specific needs. These new hire background checks protect companies against resume fabrication, employee fraud, theft, embezzlement, workplace violence, and negligent hiring and retention lawsuits.

When your company partners with PSNW, you will have the option to choose from a variety of background check screenings, including the following:

  • Instant National Criminal Searches
  • Multi-State Sex & Violent Offenders Search
  • County Criminal History
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Employment Credit Reports
  • Social Security Verification & Address Tracker
  • Healthcare Industry Search Services
  • Tenant Screening
  • Volunteer Screening


To allow for customization and ensure that each company has a foolproof screening process, there is no monthly charge, and companies will only be charged for the individual screenings they choose to purchase.

In addition to comprehensive employee screening services, Payroll Specialties offers a full range of payroll services that include time and attendance trackingpaycards, and tax processing. To learn more about the services and resources available through Payroll Specialties NW, contact our team of certified payroll specialists or fill out an information request form today.

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