Job descriptions play a pivotal role in the hiring process, providing a clear understanding of job requirements and responsibilities. This article explores the significance of written job descriptions and their impact on company growth.

By analyzing our 2023 HR survey data from various businesses, we shed light on the correlation between written job descriptions and success in attracting and selecting top talent.

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The Survey Findings

The survey findings revealed a substantial difference between companies that experienced growth and those that faced a decline. Only 70% of companies that had a down year reported having written job descriptions for each opening. In contrast, an overwhelming 91% of fast-growing businesses had written job descriptions for every position. This 21% disparity emphasizes the importance of job descriptions in fostering growth.

The Role of Job Descriptions

Written job descriptions serve as the foundation for effective recruitment strategies. They provide a blueprint for crafting targeted and enticing job advertisements. While it is not advisable to directly copy and paste job descriptions into ads, they offer crucial information for creating compelling and accurate job postings. Without well-defined job descriptions, companies may struggle to attract suitable candidates, leading to inefficient hiring processes.

Effective Talent Attraction

A well-crafted job description acts as a magnet for qualified candidates. By clearly outlining job expectations, qualifications, and responsibilities, a job description attracts individuals who possess the necessary skills and experience. It serves as a marketing tool, enabling companies to showcase their company culture, values, and unique selling points. A comprehensive and engaging job description sets the stage for attracting top talent.

Job Previews and Interviewing

Job descriptions also play a crucial role in providing candidates with a clear understanding of the position they are applying for. By accurately reflecting the job’s requirements and expectations, a job description sets realistic expectations and offers a job preview. Candidates can assess if the role aligns with their skills and career aspirations, leading to a better match between candidates and job opportunities. Moreover, written job descriptions facilitate the creation of targeted interview questions. Hiring teams can develop specific inquiries based on the information provided in the job description, enabling a more thorough evaluation of candidates’ qualifications and suitability for the role. This aligns the entire recruitment process, ensuring consistency and effectiveness.

Best Practices and Company Growth

The survey findings indicate that companies with more thoughtful HR practices, including the use of written job descriptions, tend to be the fastest growing. While other factors contribute to business success, data from a wide range of companies consistently points to the positive impact of well-defined job descriptions on growth. This suggests that companies with forward-leaning HR and people practices are more likely to attract and select high-quality talent.


Written job descriptions serve as a crucial component of the recruitment process, attracting qualified candidates, providing job previews, and facilitating effective interviewing. The survey data underscores the importance of job descriptions, with fast-growing companies overwhelmingly employing this best practice. By investing time and effort into crafting comprehensive and accurate job descriptions, companies can enhance their chances of attracting top talent, fostering growth, and achieving long-term success.

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