Enjoy the convenience of streamlined 401k Services and Payroll Services with USA Payroll.

By using USA Payroll for your payroll and 401k TPA Services you will benefit from the following:

  • Preparation of Volume Submitter Adoption Agreement, Summary Plan Description (SPD) and all required notices and forms
  • Determination of Employees Eligible to Participate
  • Determination of Vesting Service
  • Submission of contributions per pay period
  • Preparation of Annual Trust Accounting
  • Calculation of Employer Matching Contributions
  • Calculation of Employer Profit Sharing Contribution using various allocation methods: Pro-Rata, Integrated with Social Security Wages and New Comparability based on groups, age and/or service
  • Annual Compliance Testing, ADP/ACP, Top Heavy, 402(g), 404 deductibility, 401(1)(a)(4) general non-discrimination, 410(b), 414(s), and 415
  • Coordination of Annual Compliance Testing when there is a second employer plan
  • Preparation of Annual IRS Filing 5500-SF and 5500 as well as assistance with large plan audit
  • Distribution Processing, to include terminations, in-service, hardship, and age 70 RMDs
  • Loan Processing

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