Any business owner knows the importance of paying attention to detail in order to thrive. At Payroll Specialties Northwest, we realize how crucial it is for businesses to spend more time growing than worrying about complex details. Our country is built largely on business; therefore, the government needs a way of tracking and regulating certain details of each business, particularly employees. The I-9 Form is one way businesses can provide the adequate details needed about their employees to the government.The I-9 employment form was originally implemented to regulate immigrant involvement in the work force through the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. It provided a method to identify each and individual working under an employer by assigning a taxpayer identification number to the employee. The I-9 Form was an essential tool in determining an individual’s citizenship status for work eligibility. It helped track eligible citizens who were working to ensure they were paying their due taxes.To this day, the I-9 Form has played an integral role in ensuring working individuals are abiding by the law. As he government and businesses become increasing complex, it is essential to build systems such as the I-9 Form to simplify citizenship enforcements. for example, in 2009, the University of Minnesota introduced an online version of the I-9 employment eligibility certification to satisfy the government regulation.At Payroll Specialties Northwest, we have applied this same concept to the completion of payroll. For decades, completing payroll has been a monotonous process requiring a great deal if time and resources. With the emergence of new technologies such as automated payroll services, completing payroll has become less arduous, improving efficiency and saving employers precious time and energy. Contact a representative at Payroll Specialties Northwest today to learn more about how our services can make your company more productive!

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