Personalizing the employee experience makes sense, whether it’s during an on-boarding process or even an interview but, the day-to-day interactions between managers and employees are crucial in this realm.  If a manager can personalize their communications so that they aren’t solely about the work that needs to get done, statistics and polls reflect employees feel they are valued.  In today’s labor shortage market, shouldn’t this always be the goal? Companies that can accomplish this mindset with their managers are a step ahead. Building on this mindset and taking personalization to the next level by creating more opportunities for personalization in the workplace shows employees that the company and leadership are really interested in them as individuals and wants their experiences at work to feel meaningful and part of something bigger.More on this from an article from our corporate blog:   As individuals, employees are increasingly accustomed to personalized experiences in their daily life, from the recommendations offered up by Amazon and Netflix, to the instant gratification of services such as UberEats and the ease of working around traffic delays via Google Maps. In the workplace, that personalized consumer experience may end abruptly as employees are faced with a talent management culture that delivers the same experience to everyone, at each stage of the employee lifecycle.As discussed in Forbes , successful, modern companies are finding that to attract and retain the best talent, they must revisit HR processes from recruitment to onboarding and performance management, and identify opportunities to connect and nurture on a more personal level. Leading companies including GE, have gone so far as to create a “Head of Employee Experience” to holistically oversee the intersection of the physical workspace, the tools and technologies employees use to be productive, the ways in which they learn and develop to optimize their performance. Read other great articles on trending topics on Asure’s blog.  Click on link below.  

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