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TelePayroll Timekeeping Benefits

TelePayroll Timekeeping Benefits

TelePayroll’s Time-Collecting Options Simplify Your Time & Attendance Tracking

Tracking employee hours and attendance is a complicated task no matter how many employees are on your team. With new rules and government regulations, the need for an accurate timekeeping system has never been more important.

4 Key Automated Timekeeping Solutions:

1-Cut and Control Labor Costs: Tracking Employee’s Time to-the-minute eliminates guesswork and inaccurate record keeping reduces overpaying for time NOT worked
2-Reduce Clerical Work and Human Error: By eliminating activities that slow down the process, automated timekeeping accurately collects, calculates and verifies employee time
3-Increase Employee Accountability: Ever heard of “Buddy Punching”? The solution is to require employees to clock in, their productivity will rise and motivate them to work their full scheduled time.
4-Improve Employer Compliance: State and Federal employee time is required by law. If a labor dispute were to happen in your firm, could you verify your claims of paying accurate employee compensation? Avoid the cost of research and costly penalties.

Forget the days of wasted labor minutes and the human error that is all too common with manual timekeeping.
TelePayroll offers a number of time clock options including keypad entry, swipe card, biometric scan, or online through your PC or mobile device. Ask us about our Evolution Payroll System and make employee timekeeping a simple task rather than a complicated chore.

Make Your Life Easier, Reduce Labor Costs And Manage A Big Expense

To learn more about this valuable tool contact TelePayroll at: 800-9772976 or send us an email.

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