compliments to SHRM for the following updates.
ALABAMA: Guns in Cars (8/1/13)
COLORADO: Family Care Act (8/7/13)
CONNECTICUT: Amends Personnel Files Act (10/1/13)
DELAWARE Protects Gender Identity (eff. immediately)
HAWAII: Distracted Driving (7/1/13)
INDIANA: Second Chance Law (7/1/13)
ILLINOIS: Chicago Wage Theft Prev. (7/1/13)
MARYLAND: Military Family Leave (10/1/13)
MARYLAND: Pregnancy Accommodation (10/1/13)
MINNESOTA 2013 Legislature Updates
MINNESOTA: Ban the Box (1/1/14)
MINNESOTA: Civil Marriage (8/1/13)
NEVADA: Limits Credit Report Use (10/1/13)
NEVADA: Password Privacy (10/1/13)
NEW YORK: Min. Wage Increase (12/31/13)
NEW YORK: NYC Paid Sick Leave (4/1/14)
OREGON: Password Privacy (1/1/14)
OREGON: Portland Paid Sick Leave (1/1/14)
OREGON: Veterans Day Off Law (4/4/13)
RHODE ISLAND: Marriage Equality (8/1/13)
TENNESSEE: Guns in Parking Lots (7/1/13)
VERMONT: Equal Pay & Flexible Workplace (7/1/ & 1/1)
WASHINGTON: Password Privacy (7/28/13)
WASHINGTON: Seattle Limits Crim. Record Use (11/1/13)

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