Automated timekeeping is one of the easiest ways to save your business time and money by making your payroll more accurate and efficient. With time tracking software, valuable employee time will no longer be wasted totaling and verifying time cards. Instead, automated time clocks can streamline the time and attendance process, making payroll processes easier for companies to manage.

Time wasted during untracked breaks, extended lunches, or over-approximations can add up and cost your company valuable resources. However, with automated time clocks, employees can clock in and out using web, telephone, swipe card or biometric methods. This allows for more precise time tracking and removes room for human error. Furthermore, time clocks cut back on wasted or untracked time throughout the work day.

Verifying paper timecards can also be time consuming and inefficient. Paper documents are oftentimes hard to trace, store, file and maintain. With automated timekeeping, time and attendance data is available online, allowing managers to log in to the network to verify and edit employee time stamps, see updated totals, run and download timekeeping reports, and track time and attendance trends over time. Integrating digital time clocks into the workplace is simple and affordable, with no need for additional software. Choose from web, flex, or swipe clocks, all with the option of a biometric print reader, and enjoy easy access to timekeeping information anywhere you have a network connection.

With Payroll Specialties NW, you have a variety of time tracking options to choose from. We know that each business is different and requires a unique time and attendance system that is customized to fit your company’s needs. To learn more about the time and money-saving benefits of an automated timekeeping system, contact our certified team of payroll specialists by filling out a request for more information online.

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