Proposed Workers Comp Insurance Change in JulyThe California Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau is filing a proposed rate reduction for California workers’ compensation insurance “pure premium” rates on average to become effective July 1, 2017.These are to be suggested or base rates for insurers, and are based on averages for all classifications.Some Employment Classifications Would See Higher Classifications & Others Lower Proposed Rate ChangesThe proposed rate reductions are based on all insurers experience through December, 2016, and also lower insurer costs. Southern California continues to see an increase in cumulative trauma claims, which are costly and difficult for employers to control and defend.CalWorkSafety Focuses on Helping Employers Base On:1- Day of injury procedures to contain costs, verify whether a claim is true or fraudulent2- Return injured workers back to work, the very next day if possible3-Intervention of nurse consultants by assisting in difficult, long-term claims to help employees improve and provide accurate information to employers and workers’ compensation claims personnel4-Aggressive safety investigation and safety plans for accident prevention and OSHA compliance

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