In the realm of Business, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is of paramount importance. A recent workplace safety investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revealed concerning safety violations at a poultry processing facility in Texas. 

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Line Workers Exposed to Ergonomic Hazards 

A poultry processor in Texas, was found to have exposed its line workers to ergonomic and machinery hazards, which are common concerns in the poultry processing industry. Approximately 50 percent of injuries and illnesses within this industry are attributed to musculoskeletal disorders, emphasizing the critical need for proper safety measures. 

During a scheduled inspection on March 15, 2023, under OSHA’s Regional Emphasis Program for Poultry Processing Facilities, investigators identified multiple violations by the poultry processor. The violations included the failure to provide required eye protection, neglecting to develop procedures for locking out and tagging out machines to prevent sudden start-ups, and failure to adequately guard rotating shafts, chains, and sprockets. 

Moreover, the company violated OSHA’s General Duty Clause by subjecting line workers to ergonomic hazards associated with their repetitive motions and lifting tasks. This breach of workplace safety regulations poses significant risks of long-term injuries to the workforce. 

OSHA Area Director Monica Munoz in Austin, Texas, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “The poultry processor exposed employees to recognized workplace hazards that can cause long-term injuries. The company must follow federal requirements to protect workers, including those vital to the region’s food supply. We will hold employers accountable when they fail to meet their legal obligations.” 

The Ramifications 

In light of these serious violations, the poultry processor faces proposed penalties totaling $60,269, reinforcing the financial implications of failing to comply with safety regulations. 

For small and midsize business owners, this case serves as a vital reminder of the imperative to prioritize workplace safety. Compliance with safety regulations is not only a legal obligation but also a moral responsibility to safeguard the workforce. By upholding safety standards, businesses can protect their employees, avoid penalties, and contribute to a safe and productive work environment. 


The safety of employees should be the top priority for every Business. By adhering to safety regulations and fostering a culture of workplace safety, businesses can create an environment where employees can thrive without compromising their well-being. Compliance with safety standards is not just about avoiding penalties; it’s about caring for the people who drive the success of the organization. 

Asure’s HR experts help business owners comply with federal, state, and local employment laws. Learn how to protect your business here. 

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