Payroll Technology Enhancements Continue in 2017Payroll management has modernized significantly over the past few years, thanks in part to innovations such as cloud computing, mobile devices, and new software that allows for better integrating payroll with other HR functions.More Apps Allow Payroll Access Many AppsManagers and employees today want to have access to payroll data from wherever they are—even if they’re not at a computer. This has led to the creation of apps allowing both managers and employees easy access to payroll data. The number and capabilities of these apps will likely grow in 2017 and beyond.TelePayroll’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows employees to view their payroll and benefits information through a secure web portal. ESS will streamline sending employees’ payroll information, thus saving the employer time and money and improving payroll delivery and efficiency. Here are a few benefits of ESS:- Access payroll information- View / print payroll vouchers and W2 forms- Access state and federal W4 forms- Update demographic information- Submit time-off and vacation requests- View paid time-off- Administrative access for managers- Improve sustainability by going paperlessCloud-Based Payroll Continues to ExpandBusinesses have been increasingly moving their payroll to services which offer Internet connection, where software gets routinely updated, data is backed up, data entry is simplified, and access from anywhere becomes possible, including through smart device apps.It Gives Businesses Freedom To Do The Payroll On Their Own Terms – TelePayroll’s WebClient is a secure online portal allowing quick submission of payroll by inputting/submitting payroll on-the-go from a PC, Mac, or mobile device using online WebClient. Companies gain efficiencies and lower costs by:- Using simple clicks, users can process payroll- Modify pay rates, update paid time off, and track HR information- Confidently manage team with using WebClient online application- Access payroll reports and make informed decisions about workforce through the online report center- Once payroll information is uploaded the pre-processing feature ensures that errors are identifiedbefore the payroll processesA Growing Focus on Data SecurityData security of payroll information is a growing concern as more payroll functionality is managed online using various devices. More companies will likely be reviewing the data security protocols of their online benefits administration. TelePayroll’s Online Benefits Administration saves companies time and valuable human capital by:- Providing automated benefits enrollment service for HR personnel and employees- Offering a seamless transition from benefit approval to building the benefit table in Evolution- Eliminating paperwork, increasing confidentiality and security- Presenting Environmentally-friendly solutionOnline benefits administration’s convenient features keeps the enrollment process fast and simple using the following features:- Email reminders to HR department and employees- Tracking company rules and requirements- Facilitating benefits approvals and scheduled E/D- Customizing window for benefits enrollmentApplications: Benefits can be set up on a desktop through Evolution or online via WebClientWith online payroll, sustainability becomes much easier. Eliminate delivery fees and unnecessary waste with this paperless option.Contact asure software today to learn more about our WebClient total solution. Email:, or Call 800-977-2976 or visit our website:

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