SHRM17: How to Make the Most of Your Experience

SHRM’s Annual Conference & Exposition means something different to every attendee. For many, it’s all about earning recertification credits, while for others the main attraction is the opportunity to travel to a new city for a mini-vacation from the office. However, if you find yourself simply killing time and picking up trinkets between sessions, you could be missing out on one of the most valuable parts of SHRM—the people.This annual conference offers a unique opportunity to meet other HR/HCM professionals and have organic conversations about the problems you face every day and the solutions available in the market. It’s a chance to talk to other people who get it—who understand your pain points, laugh at your HR anecdotes, and share your hopes, dreams, fears, and doubts about the future.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Experience at SHRM


1. Tune into the event’s key themes:

Every year there tends to be one or two concepts that capture everyone’s attention and become the buzz of the conference. This focusing of attention is often related to the topics addressed by the highest-profile keynote speakers.SHRM17 will prominently feature Lazlo Bock—considered the creator of “People Analytics.” As SVP of People Operations at Google from 2006 to 2016, Bock helped the company grow by almost 70,000 employees, while implementing a range of innovative performance-improvement initiatives and racking up multiple “best employer” awards.If Bock’s keynote points toward a dominant theme for this year’s event, it will likely center on the employee experience at work—and the critical role of HR managers in shaping that experience.

2. Pay attention to upcoming year-end deadlines:

The end of the year often ends up being “payroll season.” As the timeline to complete any changes by Jan. 1 gets tighter, more companies will be actively searching the marketplace to learn about best practice recommendations for the year ahead—and how quickly a new solution can be deployed to meet their organization’s needs.It’s critical to be proactive, because the exhibition hall at SHRM is large and crowded. If you show up to the conference interested in browsing specific solutions—but you haven’t done your research, short-listed vendors, and/or set up any meetings with priority contacts—you’ll end up missing a lot of potential opportunities.

3. Look ahead to the evolution of work and space utilization:

We all know the nature of work is changing at a rapid pace, and SHRM is the ideal place to find out what the future might hold. Having so many experts come together under one roof is truly an incredible opportunity to network and ask questions in an environment designed for learning.When you hit the conference floor, it’s time to find the most interesting people, tech and ideas that will help you meet the challenges ahead in payroll, benefits administration, workforce management, and more.

Why You Should Visit Asure Software at SHRM17

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