In the realm of recruitment, the use of technology has become increasingly prevalent, with applicant tracking software (ATS) taking center stage. This article delves into the significance of ATS and its impact on company growth.  

By examining survey data from a range of businesses, we explore the correlation between ATS usage and success in attracting and selecting top talent. 



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The Survey Findings 

The survey results revealed a noteworthy trend: 57% of growing businesses reported utilizing applicant tracking software, while only 40% of businesses that experienced a down year employed such systems.  

This disparity demonstrates the value placed on ATS by companies that achieved growth compared to those that faced stagnation or decline. 


Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software 

ATS plays a crucial role in streamlining the recruitment process. By automating the filtering and organization of resumes, ATS saves valuable time for hiring teams. It provides a centralized platform where recruiters can access and evaluate candidate profiles efficiently.  

Moreover, ATS offers statistical analysis capabilities, enabling companies to track the effectiveness of various job boards and identify the most fruitful sources of qualified applicants. 


Enhanced Decision-Making 

One key advantage of ATS is its ability to provide insights and data-driven analysis. By tracking metrics such as the number of applicants, time-to-hire, and the success rate of hires from different sources, companies can make informed decisions regarding their hiring strategies.  

This empowers recruiters to identify areas for improvement and optimize their recruitment efforts to attract the most suitable candidates. 


Seamless Integration 

Another significant benefit of ATS is its compatibility with other HR systems. Upon identifying a qualified candidate, the software seamlessly integrates with payroll and HR information systems (HRIS), simplifying the onboarding process and reducing administrative overhead.  

This integration streamlines workflows and ensures a smooth transition from candidate selection to employee integration, saving both time and resources. 


Investment Considerations 

While implementing ATS involves an investment of financial resources, it is essential to view it as a strategic investment rather than a mere cost. Asure’s survey data clearly indicates that companies prioritizing the front end of the recruitment process by utilizing ATS and other tools are more likely to attract high-quality talent. Hiring the right employees significantly impacts productivity and ultimately contributes to business growth. 



The survey findings provide compelling evidence supporting the value of applicant tracking software for businesses aiming for growth and success. The utilization of ATS streamlines the recruitment process, enhances decision-making through data analysis, and seamlessly integrates with other HR systems.  

By investing in ATS, companies demonstrate their commitment to finding the best talent and optimizing their recruitment efforts. When considering the adoption of ATS, it is crucial for businesses to weigh the potential benefits against the associated costs.  

The evidence suggests that the upfront investment in ATS pays off in the long run by enabling companies to attract and select top talent effectively. In a competitive job market, leveraging technology such as ATS can make a significant difference in identifying and securing the best candidates for a company’s continued growth and success. 


Asure keeps companies compliant so you can focus on growing your business. Learn more. 

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