Managing time and attendance for your company can be challenging—especially when you have more than a few employees. From punch cards to time clocks, employees have tried almost everything to ensure their employees’ workdays are accurately and efficiently recorded. However, all methods have drawbacks. Punch cards are accurate, but require time-consuming processing by managers and HR professionals. Time clocks are more efficient, but always raise the possibility of buddy punching.Your company deserves better: a foolproof time and attendance system that guarantees accuracy without unnecessary effort on supervisors’ part. One of the best options modern technology has to offer is biometric facial recognition technology—a time and attendance system that replaces traditional timekeeping methods, and offers numerous employee and employer benefits.Want to know how facial recognition technology can benefit your business? Here are three ways biometric facial recognition software can take your company out of the Stone Age and into the modern world.

  1. Uses the latest technology. Today’s modern workforce has moved so far past the days of paper time cards—the very idea of that “technology” brings to mind old factories from the early twentieth century. Your workforce is different—in a good way—and thus should use technology that works with and encourages its differences. Biometric facial recognition technology uses the latest cloud-based technology and hardware to ensure employee time is always accurate, continuing time collection and automatic updates even if the system loses internet connection.
  1. Reduces time fraud. Buddy punching, or employees logging time with a coworker’s credentials, is a form of time fraud—and is arguably one of the biggest drawbacks of traditional time and attendance technology. The American Payroll Association estimates that employees “steal” roughly 4.5 hours each week—which adds up to six weeks each year. AirClock combines facial recognition and personal identification numbers to remove the potential for buddy punching and employee fraud, ensuring that you always have accurate employee information to make important decisions.
  1. Reduces expenses. Traditional time collection methods often require both time and effort on the part of HR professionals. It may not seem like a big deal, but the job can take hours where multiple employees are concerned. With punch cards, payroll departments need to manually process information, not to mention factoring in paid time off and overtime pay. Biometric facial recognition technology gives you the accurate time punch information you need to reduce time and attendance processing, cutting down on expenses and helping your business grow and focus on more important things.

At Asure Software, we take security very seriously. That’s why we’ve perfected biometric facial recognition with the industry-leading AirClock, which allows your employees to clock in with a quick selfie, no matter where they’re working from. Eliminate buddy punching, increase overall time collection accuracy, and reduce expenses in one easy-to-use system. Get all these features and then some with Asure’s AirClock:

  • Dual Authentication: Pair facial recognition with PIN entry
  • Offline Mode: Continue to collect time when connectivity issues arise
  • Information Security: Create additional security measures to protect data
  • Automatic Updates: Cloud-based technology gives you the latest and greatest features
  • Payroll System Integration: Integrate with your system of choice
  • Collect Time Anywhere: Employees can punch in and out from multiple locations

Companies have a lot to gain from investing in advanced technology—and biometric facial recognition software is no exception. Facial recognition helps you ensure workplace safety, security—not to mention employee honesty. You can get all this and more with Asure, so you never have to worry again.

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