If you operate a business in the United Kingdom, you’ve no doubt read about potential energy capacity issues that loom on the horizon. In fact, as the U.K. looks for ways to boost spare energy capacity with nuclear plants and an increase in renewable sources of energy, blackouts remain a persistent concern.Of course any blackout that might happen means potential business shutdowns and lost revenue.In a recent Telegraph article the U.K. chair of energy and natural resources at KPMG warned of tight energy capacity in 2015 and 2016. In the article, he said:“The next couple of winters are expected to be among the tightest this decade in terms of electricity capacity margins due to announced plant closures; while Britain’s overall dependence on imported energy is soaring as North Sea production declines.”As this energy crisis unfolds, the country is seeking green initiatives that will help lower energy consumption and help the U.K. meet its targets to cut emissions and tackle climate change. LED lights, for example, could become the only light bulb option by 2030 and renewable power output is planned to be comparable to that of conventional power plants in just 10 years.Fortunately, your business can do its fair share to help avoid any potential energy crisis. And save some money along the way.Smart technologies help companies more easily and affordably account for their environmental and social impacts because they measure these impacts with a great amount of detail and statistical validity.Workplace Business Intelligence (BI or WBI) helps you identify which areas of your business real estate portfolio are used, by whom and how much. This includes how frequently meeting rooms and other workspaces are occupied. The information provides the insight you need to make smart space decisions about your available office footprint. You can dive into the visualizations to analyze trends by location, by person, or by department to understand more than just what space is being underutilized, but when, by whom, and most importantly…why.With smart sensor technology, for example, you can collect data on how space is used – down to each chair in the office! These small devices can also turn off lights when meeting rooms or spaces are left unoccupied and communicate with HVAC systems to turn the heat down or A/C up when space is not in use.Don’t let a potential energy crisis slow your business. Get the smart technologies you need to reduce your organization’s energy consumption and enhance your operating margins.

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