With 10.7 million job openings in the US as of September 2022, employers are understandably looking for an edge when it comes to acquiring new talent. Filling open positions is more challenging now than ever, so it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. To find out more great ways to do this, don’t miss our best HR tips!   

In this article, we’ll be highlighting one specific way to set your company apart: how to strategically use healthcare benefits to win the war for talent. Compensation packages are about more than just salaries.  

New hires need to know their well-being will be prioritized at their new job. If your company would benefit from more personalized help with the hiring process, contact us.  

5 Ways to Use Healthcare Benefits to Attract Employees  

1 – Be Upfront  

When recruiting new employees, it pays to be upfront about the compensation package from the very beginning. This negates the need for new hires to ask questions regarding their benefits, which many feel apprehensive about doing. It allows everyone to start off on the same page, informed of all the important details.   

Being upfront about the total compensation package early on assists potential new hires in their decision-making, creating a smoother, more streamlined onboarding process. It’s also the perfect time to allow your company to shine, showing potential new hires why they should work for you instead of another business.  

2 – Be Fitness Friendly  

Show that your company prioritizes the overall well-being of its staff.  Consider offering wellness programs or providing benefits that contribute to the health and fitness of employees. 

A research summary by Zippia found that “over 80% of workers whose employers prioritize wellness are happier at work, and 72% of employers reported reduced healthcare costs after implementing wellness programs.”  

Offering fitness-friendly benefits such as gym memberships or group classes are enticing perks for potential new hires. 

3 – Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle  

Encouraging healthy lifestyles in the workplace creates an environment of support and helps workers to feel important and appreciated. This could be healthier snack options in break rooms, meditation suites, or more flexible schedules.  

Promoting healthy living not only boosts morale but contributes to a more efficient workforce. A workforce that has fewer sick days, time off, or other issues that interfere with work.  

4 – Support Mental Health  

Mental health concerns are just as important as physical ones, a fact that employers everywhere are beginning to recognize. The mental state of workers not only affects the individual, but also performance, attendance, and company morale.  

The CDC issued a brief explaining how many top-performing companies in the US have begun implementing mental health benefits with promising results. Showing potential new hires that their mental well-being is supported allows them to make confident decisions regarding their new workplace.  

Aside from insurance for mental health care, you can also show support by providing access to on-site counseling, allowing mental health sick days, and performing regular check-ins. Offering mental health support in a genuine, attentive way can do wonders in the efforts to set your company apart.   

5 – Include Telemedicine  

The popularity of telemedicine is steadily increasing; in fact, 37% of adults used telemedicine in 2021. By including telemedicine in your benefits package, you’re supporting employees’ well-being while you strategically use benefits to win the war for talent.   

Many workers miss out on essential healthcare simply because they’re too busy or can’t afford to miss a day of work. Telemedicine introduces flexibility to healthcare. Employees now have time to meet with their doctor during a lunch break because they won’t have to commute. Not to mention, telemedicine can be utilized in all forms of healthcare, which makes it universally helpful and an attractive incentive.  

Best Practices to Follow During the Hiring Process  

It’s important to personalize your process in a way that makes sense for your company when considering best practices to follow for hiring new talent. Each company is looking for its own unique style of employees, which means a single approach won’t work for everyone.  

However, here are some tips that can be applied universally:  

  • Personalize your branding — Create an image that appeals to the kind of employee you want to work for you.  

  • Get the word out — Utilize various channels to ensure the maximum number of potential candidates apply.  

  • Be flexible — Be open to imperfect candidates that might be trainable rather than issuing strict requirements.  

  • Communicate openly — Keep candidates informed on their progress throughout the process.  

  • Offer inclusive benefits — Be upfront about compensation packages to help candidates make the most informed decision.   

For more in-depth tips on the best hiring practices, check out our video on how to attract candidates rather than just recruit them.  

Moving Forward 

Stay updated on the best ways to secure the talent you need for you
r business to thrive.  

To sum up how your organization can use healthcare benefits to win the war for talent, remember these points:  

  • Be upfront — Disclose your benefits package early on in the recruiting process.  

  • Be fitness friendly — Offering new hires fitness allowances is an attractive incentive.  

  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle — Assist employees in achieving a sustainable work/life balance.  

  • Support mental health — Creating an open, supportive work environment lets employees know your company cares.   

  • Include telemedicine — Encourage employees to access the healthcare they need, no matter how busy they are.  

If you’d like to speak to an HR representative about your business, contact us.  

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