In less than a month, on July 1, employees in California will begin to accrue paid sick leave under the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act, also known as the California Paid Sick Leave Law. The new law mandates that employees who work 30 or more days within a year in California be given at least 24 hours of paid sick leave annually. The law applies to all sizes of employers and includes part-time and temporary workers.Employers who already have paid sick leave or PTO policies in place should determine if their current policies meet the requirements of the law. Employers who do not currently offer paid sick leave should determine how they plan to implement the new requirements, including whether they plan to incorporate an accrual or lump sum method for providing the required leave. All employers should ensure that they have the appropriate notice and recordkeeping procedures in place.Mandatory paid sick day laws are or will soon be in place in 21 jurisdictions across thecountry – three states, the District of Columbia and 17 cities. It’s more important than ever to be aware of these laws and how they may affect your organization now or in the near future.

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