Today’s workforce is changing, with millennials now making up the largest percentage of its employees. This creates a bigger need for remote work, hoteling, and other modern human capital management solutions. Modern technology enables communication and collaboration between employees, allowing them to work closely together on their own time and in their own spaces. And this technology starts with accurately recording employees’ hours, PTO, and overtime pay.When we think of employee time and attendance, it’s hard to shake the image of manual time cards, which can open the doors to buddy punching and create seriously overworked HR professionals. There is a way to make time and attendance faster, more accessible, and more modern, and that’s automated time and attendance solutions. Even if your company does not use automated time and attendance solutions, chances are you’ve probably heard of them, and maybe considered implementing them for your own business. If you’re still on the fence about time and attendance, here are four ways it can help move your company out of the ‘80s and into the modern age.

  1. Keeps track of everything. And by that, I mean everything. Automated time and attendance systems don’t just record time punches—they keep track of each employee’s unique situation, including overtime pay and accrued PTO. Automated systems also eliminate the margin of error, preventing any incorrect manual calculations, leading to more accurate, succinct time and attendance information.
  2. Eliminates buddy punching. Whether your company is big or small, you’ve probably experienced buddy punching on some level. In fact, the American Payroll Association estimates that employees “steal” about 4.5 hours each week, which adds up to about six weeks of paid vacation each year. Unless you actually catch your employees in the act, there’s not much you can do about it—and there’s no way you’ll even know it’s going on. Automated time and attendance systems completely eliminate the possibility of buddy punching. Asure Software’s AirClock uses secure facial recognition technology combined with PIN numbers, saving your business money and ensuring employee honesty.
  3. Increases productivity. It’s no secret that time and attendance collection can be complicated, especially when relying on HR professionals to collect, calculate, and confirm every single employee’s time for the week. Someone is going to have to be paid for that work, increasing expenses for you and always gambling the possibility of human error. With automated time and attendance systems, the work is done correctly, quickly, and efficiently each and every time. HR professionals won’t only save time, they’ll be free to work on more productive areas of their jobs.  
  4. Enables remote and flex work. Today’s workforce expects different things than the workforce of the 1980s—they aren’t interested in stuffy offices filled with workers in starched suits. What they do want are companies that conform to their wants and needs, not the other way around. Nowadays, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your workforce. Remote and flex work enables employees to clock in and work from virtually anywhere on the planet, whether it be from home, taking care of a sick child, or on a beach in Hawaii. As long as they have a WiFi connection, employees can simply clock in on their favorite devices using Asure Software’s GeoPunch, increasing productivity wherever they happen to be.

There are many benefits to automated time and attendance systems, but they don’t have to stop at these four points. With Asure Software’s automated time and attendance systems, you can customize everything to fit your company’s and employees’ individual needs. Asure’s People Success Platform streamlines day-to-day business operations to save you money, increase employee productivity, and simplify everything across the board. You’ve got nothing to lose from investing in time and attendance solutions, and Asure Software can show you how.

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