Join Asure Software at the 2019 FAHU Educational Symposium & Networking Event, August 22-23 in Tampa. Discover Asure Smart Office in the Expo Hall, Booth 24, featuring AsureHCM automation facilitating key facets of talent-attracting and retaining employee benefits consulting, plan building and administration.

Catch Asure’s General Session August 23rd, 3:45-4:45: How Technology is Changing the Way We Do Business, a roundtable discussion featuring:

Moderator: Chad Schneider, Jellyvision

Panelists: Mandy Manno, Asure Software

Frank B. Mengert, BenTech

David A. Reid, EaseCentral

Feature topic: There are a lot of new buzz words in the HR Tech world, such as gamification and artificial intelligence. How much is real and how much is hype?Unable to attend? You’re covered – contact Asure for a complimentary consultation and system demonstration.

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